Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Seattle & Japan Buys - Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

To all the Canadians, Happy Belated Thanksgiving! (totally skipped school today even though I know I'll get in shit with my teach tomorrow -.-) I love how I went down to the States for shopping yesterday for that XD Holiday in Canada and everyone piles down there. These are just some items I bought from the past 2 weeks of going to Seattle. I really love the whole French/British-style fashions that's happening for Fall and decided to get inspiration from that.

We went to Seattle's Premium Outlet and my god everything was so cheap! Conversion from US/CAD money along with only one 9% tax makes it better than what you'd get here in Vancouver. I walked into Juicy Couture and came out with like 4 bags LOL XD It was the only shop I really liked there. Other western brands didn't interest me too much. Maybe the sports clothing but I'm not in the mood to buy them haha~
I bought a new Juicy bag and the cute coat. I got the gloves from Icings and floppy hat from Claires here in Canada to try and recreate the look from the Golds Infinity model shown above. Other than this brown one, I need to buy a white trench-coat that isn't made of wool (tried using my Liz Lisa coat and it was too over-the-top or... bulky). I purchased quite a bit more the previous week, including 2 boots, when I went downtown overnight with my boyfriend but I was too lazy to take pics Dx

And these are just items that arrived in the mail recently. My d.i.a top and first Golds Infinity item, the choker. I used Japonica Market again for the service (highly recommended).

These are probably going to be my last buys for awhile (I know I keep saying that), because I really need to start saving money for Japan. I wanted to go next Spring for the blossoms but planning it out more, next Summer will be better financial-wise. Other than that, I also dyed my hair again! ^_^ First time where I got the bleaching correctly by myself instead of using so much money at the salon. The only thing that bugs me is that the roots are kinda orange -.- Since the color there was black to dark brown and didn't bleach well...

Well that's it for this post! Thanks for reading! Remember next week is the last time to use the 20% discount for my Facebook online shop!

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