Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween's Coming Up!

Hello readers~ Have you got your costumes planned for Halloween yet? (which is right around the corner) I've come down with the flu harsh since Sunday and missed school. Getting a bit better today but hopefully I can fully recover by this weekend for the parties that'll be happening! Otherwise my family will freak thinking I'm sick enough to miss school and not partying lol. I bought my pirate costume at Value Village on a whim (didn't even know if I was going out this year or not. Haven't celebrated Halloween since high school), because I just loved it! Pretty pricey for something found at the store but whatever lol I can find other uses for it maybe XDDD

What is everyone else dressing up as?? =D

ps. due to being overly busy from my blog updates/events, I never celebrated it's 1st anniversary back in August! I'm almost done school quite soon and will hold a giveaway~ =)

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