Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DreamV ~ Age-Style Post!

Here's a style post of my recent buys from DreamV! I haven't written one in so long ^^;; This is my first direct order from DreamV and it took a long time to get to me due to shipping problems but I finally received it yesterday. I bought this long referee-like top along with shorts and garter tights.
I was super happy I fit into the shorts lol got kinda freaked out if I still might be too big to fit in Japanese pant sizes. Glad I managed to get them too because all the cool ageha-style jean shorts on that site are almost always sold out. =_=

I also bought two new lenses from HoneyColor; the one I'm wearing in this pic is Geo Bambi Almond (Princess Mimi) and there is also Beaucon Shimmer Blue which I will be doing reviews for both. Top lashes worn are still the no. 1 of Dolly Wink's I purchased before and the bottom ones are my very first pair of Diamond Lashes (Model Eyes) I bought at the night market! I love them so much! I thought it was the usual one piece bottom lash but they're 5 individual pieces you glue on. Even the girls in my school were commenting on how natural they look. It's definitely better than the American lashes where you have to glue on multiple pieces with 2 strands of lashes... Dx
I put the rest of the images under the cut if you want to see the rest of the style photos! Click on the following link~ =)

I thought I looked pretty similar to Shizuka Mutou in this pic XD;;

Thank you for being patient with me readers! There will be more updates to soon follow. Especially since I have another batch of clothing coming in next week haha~~~

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  1. Omg you are so sexy!!! I love your make up and your outfits ;3