Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Modeling Contest & New Gal Circle

Hello readers! Sorry for completely going AWOL on everyone (as I do often). >_< I have a lot of updates from the past month but not TOO much is really gyaru-related so... XD This is a small post in which I'm promoting a new circle I joined, and my very first! After "free-lancing" lol on my own, I thought joining a local gyaru group would end up being fun. It is called Sakuran Bomb and we have a blog page for it too if you wanna check it out sometime. We are still very new.

I recently joined a modeling contest to became face of the nearby mall in Surrey called Central City. If anyone here would be nice enough to vote for my picture by "liking" it, I would really appreciate it. =) (only if you think I should get a vote! Trying trying to force people haha plus you can vote as many times for other contestants if you want) Apparently you have to like their page as well to access voting pictures.

That's all for now! It's in the middle of the night and I just finished 2 projects for school @_@ plus packing because I'm sleeping over my boyfriend's place tomorrow, then the day after we fly to Vegas!! WOO HOO!! Finally going there and vacation in general! I need a break~~ ^o^

I did get a haircut btw (pretty disappointed but because I was modeling for her I had to deal), it's nice but... it took me almost 3 years to grow it out so long before. She said no more than 1 inch off but yea... it's like 3-4 inches. T_T Got a new itouch and my first credit card! You know what that means! =D