Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Femme Fatale Concert, Buys and Style~

Sorry readers, I promised this entry last week but just getting to it now. ^^;; A little brief update on the past couple weeks.

I went to my first concert ever on Canada Day (at Vancouver Rogers Arena) and it was Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour!! For those who haven't gotten tickets yet and she's coming to your city, you should! The show was definitely worth it. Whether you're there to see her or Nicki Minaj. I didn't know much about Nicki, I probably only listened to maybe like 2 of her songs so it was awkward trying to sing to anything lol. Plus they're mainly rap so... I mean Britney Spears is obviously not the same as she once were, remember she IS a mother of two kids. So what if her dancing isn't spot on like before or most of the singing is lip-synced, the overall show was spectacular. Other than Lady Gaga I assume, she's the other female artist who puts on a great performance.

I loved this part when she sang Toxic and the set/atmosphere was set in Japan. The dancers were dressed up as samurai's sword fighting, while the girls are in kimono costumes. She had two cultural settings? The other was in Egypt and also beautiful. My two fave countries since my anime obsession lol. I loved that during I Wanna Go, a couple of people in the audience got to go up and dance with her (because they paid a lot of money for front row seats, VIP packages or won contests).

Definitely happy that she used Till the World Ends as the finale song. Everyone was just up dancing, singing, screaming... Amazing. It's probably my most favorite song ever recently or by Britney. You can't get enough of it! Other great song she did was Rhianna's S&M!


This was my look for the concert. Sorry I didn't take better photos or a full body shot. >_< I worked hard on my hairstyle too... Such an idiot, we were in a rush the whole time that I forgot about taking photos of my friend Sam's outfit and mine. By the time I remembered, my camera was already dying from all the concert pics. -.-;

I bought the top from Annii; her friend bought it for her from Japan I believe? It's a brand called Rich Delicious. Very similar to Golds Infinity style! I just loved the choker attached to it. I also got the Liz Lisa style one-piece from DreamV (also by Annii ;))

Choker necklaces I bought from Spencers that reminded me of GILFY, d.i.a ones.

And finally this is just a sticker I bought for my ipod because I'm way too lazy to finish/make my own. Not to mention it's hella expensive just to buy the materials!

That's all for this post, thank you for reading everyone! And bearing my lack of posts. School is really sucking out my soul and I'm on the verge of dropping out... Even though I only have one semester left. ;(