Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shops & Japonica Shopping Service Review

Hello readers! Before I leave for work I'm just going to write a quick update on my recent shops and a review on the shopping service I've been wanting to try out for awhile: Japonica Market. Before all I ever used was Celga and it's just too expensive so I quit using it last year. Although the services are a better with their choices and freedom to purchase items. So since then I haven't bought items from Japanese online sites other than a couple times where a friend helped me get them with little commission.

My experience with Japonica was a great and smooth one! I bought my first d.i.a item from Mbok where the auction started at 3000 yen. The thing with JM is that when you bid, you have to send them your entire maximum amount. For me I was used to Celga's "deposit only half of your max bid price". But in the end with all the fees I owed it came out to a ridiculous amount.

This was only the fees I got charged with JM:
Auction/Order Subtotal = 3390yen
Commission Subtotal = 1000yen
Registered Airmail ~350g = 1100yen
Deposit = -4000yen

Total 5490yen - Deposit 4000yen = 1490yen

I had lost another bidding so that amount contributed to this one and in the end after they took out how much I had already deposited at the start, I only had to pay 1490yen! Before they shipped it right after. Because it was such a little amount, I still had that in my Paypal. As opposed to Celga where it would probably be 3000-4000yen and I'd have to send an echeck then wait longer. Total of my whole order was 5490yen, so when you think about it, it's just the item price amount doubled.

I also get to choose airmail this time for a lot cheaper instead of EMS which would be over 2000yen. For Celga, for some reason airmail is more expensive than EMS... I thought ok, since I chose airmail it would take longer than EMS to arrive. Nope! They send it out immediately on Friday and the item had already arrived in Canada by Monday. It stayed in customs for a bit till I could pick it up on Friday. So like... a week wait for less than EMS's price? Pretty good deal. The sites workers were also very communicative and always answered your questions.

This was the sweater/top I got!
How they packaged it. Very well done! Wrapped in a plastic bag and bubble wrap for extra protection from the climate.
 Overall I give them a 5/5 rating and would definitely like to purchase using their service again. Recommended for those who'd like to try. =)

And these are just a couple of power shops I did yesterday on my 15min break lol. Roxy flip flops from Boathouse and two shorts on sale at Sirens. When Spring/Summer hit, I realized how many different types of shoes I needed! T_T Because I mainly wear boots, uggs, flip-flops and occasionally heels. Now I need to buy sneakers, flats, (new flip-flops already bought XD) and either black heels or pumps. *sigh*

Thank you for reading everyone! And for the slight increasing of followers. =) I think I might think about a giveaway soon~

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