Tuesday, June 28, 2011

d.i.a-Style Post - Age-jo

Another update! (to make up for my lack of entries this past month) XD Yesterday I was supposed to go to another campus of my school to be a hair model but I had the WORST migraine break-down after work Sunday night so I couldn't make it. I was bawling of how much it hurt. Thank god for Gravol, which knocked me out in less than 30mins lol. I started feeling better yesterday and decided to wear my d.i.a top that I bought recently. (Because I wasn't able to dress up and go out on Gyaru International Day since I was working on Saturday).

Also you might've noticed in the sidebar that I just signed up for Twitter! XD;; I really didn't get it at first but now have given into it. Everyone says it's good for bloggers so I might as well get one lol.


And there are more pictures below, just click on the link!

 My lightly done make-up. Wearing Dolly Wink lashes and loving them!

That's all for this post, thank you for reading everyone. And I'm very grateful for almost 400 followers!

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