Tuesday, June 28, 2011

d.i.a-Style Post - Age-jo

Another update! (to make up for my lack of entries this past month) XD Yesterday I was supposed to go to another campus of my school to be a hair model but I had the WORST migraine break-down after work Sunday night so I couldn't make it. I was bawling of how much it hurt. Thank god for Gravol, which knocked me out in less than 30mins lol. I started feeling better yesterday and decided to wear my d.i.a top that I bought recently. (Because I wasn't able to dress up and go out on Gyaru International Day since I was working on Saturday).

Also you might've noticed in the sidebar that I just signed up for Twitter! XD;; I really didn't get it at first but now have given into it. Everyone says it's good for bloggers so I might as well get one lol.


And there are more pictures below, just click on the link!

Monday, June 27, 2011

How I Lost Weight ~ Diet Post

Hello readers! As promised this is the diet post that I was supposed to write in which how I had lost weight. I am still in the process of losing a couple more pounds but this was how I initially did it. I was 160lbs and am now 120lbs (well was lol kinda bouncing back and forth to 125lbs because of stress from school. And you know what happens when you stress out)

1. I took diet pills. Now this I don't recommend anyone doing because it's definitely not healthy. It was a personal choice for me and there is a chance that it could affect your health in the future. I first tried out one type of diet pill from Japan that didn't work at all. It was widely advertised with models and I had to take about 2-3 pills everyday for a month. How much I lost? 2lbs... Which obviously was no different and easy to gain back. Then I tried searching up on Ebay and found something called, "Japan Rapid Diet". Which isn't the actual name. The real name started with an 'S' and I completely forgot what it was...

I ordered the pills from ricandgrata. There's 3 colors, blue, green and yellow. According to the seller and others, the blue is strongest, green is moderate and yellow is weakest if you only want to shed a few pounds. I decided to play safe and chose green, which was recommended for people aged 18-24. The instructions told me to take 3 pills everyday which I did. But after 2 days it was horrifying. The effect of the pill is that it has an appetite suppressant which makes you not even want to eat at all. I ate a small meal every day. When taking them you're supposed to drink LOTS of water and its most likely because it dehydrates you fast. Which could cause dizziness/faint. I kept that up for a week before my body broke down and I had to stop taking them. Because in that week I barely slept at all. I was up all night, barely ate. The pills also makes you have a big boost of energy which helps cause you're exercising a lot more than usual. But when you think about it, you're overworking your body, no food, no sleep; it's just living off water. I constantly felt nauseous and difficulty in breathing. In that week I lost 10lbs. But I also lost muscle and felt weaker. It also makes you digest many times a day. So it makes you detox a lot but it's not like you're receiving much in anyways.

I contacted the seller and he said the dosage of the pill is too strong for my body to handle so I had to only take 1 pill every now and then. I cut it back to maybe about 1-3 pills a week? I still lost weight but the bad side effects were gone (the no breathing, headaches part). I didn't eat much while on this pill so I was able to turn away fast foods and quit many junk foods. I began eating healthier in smaller amounts, so please don't rely on the pills alone. You MUST watch your daily intake and exercise for it to be able to work efficiently.

I limited myself to 1000 calories a day and worked out about 45mins many times a week. Slowly in 2 months I lost 30lbs and gradually went down more by 10lbs. I ran out of the pills and decided to stop since it's not that healthy, while keeping the routine I picked up compared to before I had taken them. I recently got back into taking them but bought the pills from another seller which isn't working as well so I'm probably going back to ricandgrata.

Warning! These pills apparently have "real" and "fake" ones on the market. First of all, they are referred to as "Japan Diet" pills when they are actually Chinese. I read some sources long ago that ricandgrata sold the fake ones because of the holographic sticker on the box. The real one is supposed to just have a white sticker. But no ricandgrata has proof with a serial number saying that his aren't fake. Either way, they work the same. According to a review I once read, the real ones are only that way because their pills are at a safe dosage. The fake ones have a much stronger dosage that could affect your liver or lungs(?). This is why I don't recommend them and warn that you take care if you do buy them. Do NOT take these pills long term if that is the case.

2. Along with water, I drink a strong herbal tea that my mum buys. It's some Chinese tea which I noticed helped me lose weight. Though one large can costs about $50 CAD. I was looking for green tea because I heard it burned fat/speeds up metabolism, but my mum made me drink this and said that it tasted the same (which it doesn't lol). It really does help you detox a lot though! I'm sure all teas does.

3. Exercise! I'm a lazy ass, don't get me wrong lol. But even walking daily will help. I like to dance around the house or play DDR. Running sometimes, doing yoga or break out some work out videos... As long as you do some sort of physical activity 30-45mins a day! I count cleaning as physical activity. Do it after you have a meal instead of sitting around.

4. Keeping a journal/log of what you eat, how much you worked out everyday REALLY helps. It's a pain, especially when you're lazy. But think of it as a diary.

That's pretty much it~ It's not magic lol but please don't be too dependent on diet pills. (As much as Japanese models promote it)

Refer to this post to see how much I changed

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shops & Japonica Shopping Service Review

Hello readers! Before I leave for work I'm just going to write a quick update on my recent shops and a review on the shopping service I've been wanting to try out for awhile: Japonica Market. Before all I ever used was Celga and it's just too expensive so I quit using it last year. Although the services are a better with their choices and freedom to purchase items. So since then I haven't bought items from Japanese online sites other than a couple times where a friend helped me get them with little commission.

My experience with Japonica was a great and smooth one! I bought my first d.i.a item from Mbok where the auction started at 3000 yen. The thing with JM is that when you bid, you have to send them your entire maximum amount. For me I was used to Celga's "deposit only half of your max bid price". But in the end with all the fees I owed it came out to a ridiculous amount.

This was only the fees I got charged with JM:
Auction/Order Subtotal = 3390yen
Commission Subtotal = 1000yen
Registered Airmail ~350g = 1100yen
Deposit = -4000yen

Total 5490yen - Deposit 4000yen = 1490yen

I had lost another bidding so that amount contributed to this one and in the end after they took out how much I had already deposited at the start, I only had to pay 1490yen! Before they shipped it right after. Because it was such a little amount, I still had that in my Paypal. As opposed to Celga where it would probably be 3000-4000yen and I'd have to send an echeck then wait longer. Total of my whole order was 5490yen, so when you think about it, it's just the item price amount doubled.

I also get to choose airmail this time for a lot cheaper instead of EMS which would be over 2000yen. For Celga, for some reason airmail is more expensive than EMS... I thought ok, since I chose airmail it would take longer than EMS to arrive. Nope! They send it out immediately on Friday and the item had already arrived in Canada by Monday. It stayed in customs for a bit till I could pick it up on Friday. So like... a week wait for less than EMS's price? Pretty good deal. The sites workers were also very communicative and always answered your questions.

This was the sweater/top I got!
How they packaged it. Very well done! Wrapped in a plastic bag and bubble wrap for extra protection from the climate.
 Overall I give them a 5/5 rating and would definitely like to purchase using their service again. Recommended for those who'd like to try. =)

And these are just a couple of power shops I did yesterday on my 15min break lol. Roxy flip flops from Boathouse and two shorts on sale at Sirens. When Spring/Summer hit, I realized how many different types of shoes I needed! T_T Because I mainly wear boots, uggs, flip-flops and occasionally heels. Now I need to buy sneakers, flats, (new flip-flops already bought XD) and either black heels or pumps. *sigh*

Thank you for reading everyone! And for the slight increasing of followers. =) I think I might think about a giveaway soon~