Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shops & Make-up Updates/Preview

Shops from going to Richmond yesterday! Bought an (authentic) Cecil McBee shirt for only $20! Went to the Daiso for more lashes since I find they are better quality than crappy Night Market ones. And they're just as cheap~

Number. 11 again and the bottom 2 pairs are new ones I'm trying.

Has anyone seen the new Jewerich lashes?? (or am I completely outdated?) XD The first 3 here are the new ones and I really want to try the purple package.

Hello Kitty cosmetics at Sephora has also just launched a new limited edition line called, "Memoirs of a Kitty". I found that the palette shaped in Kitty's head was really cute, I think it was about $45 CAD? I debated on whether to buy that or the notebook. XD;;

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