Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ageha ~ Sexy-Kei Business Style & Shops

Hi everyone! Short post of a koakuma style I tried out last week. The skirt doesn't match the blazer but it's the only one I have that suits (needs to get more dark colored skirts). And the blazer I just found while rummaging in my mom's closet lol so I decided to wear it. The only thing that bugs me are the big shoulder pads. =_=

The tattoos and belly button ring are fake. XD Well the ring is real but I stuck it on and photo-shopped it so it looks real but I haven't gotten it pierced yet lol. I'm thinking about getting both soon though! A tattoo not on my boob like the image above (I don't have a big enough chest for it to show well anyways but I want one on the back of my left shoulder).

The Richmond Night Market opened early this year! The opening day was kinda disappointing but I still bought a couple stuff here and there.

Cheap fake lashes from Taiwan (they looked similar to Jewerich/Dolly Wink/Diamond ones so I bought them. But it's such bad quality... They were selling Diamond lashes but it's like $28 or 2 for $50... I could get them online for cheaper. =_=;

Another fake Liz Lisa dress. This one doesn't have tags so technically it's imitation instead of fake... I really love the pattern/fabric though. It's the same as the romper I bought previously but in brown. Hey it's cheap and cute plus I was itching to buy things lol. Done deal.

I also ordered a new pair of lenses (FINALLY), this time from Honey Color and will do a review for them possibly tomorrow! =3

Other than that, for life news:
1) My boyfriend left me yesterday night to go to work in the next Alberta province. T_T I was tough and didn't cry, nor updated my Facebook status saying I'm missing him but I do... lol (will not crack!) He went with 2 of his friends who is also dating (and now I'm connected with all of them), 2 of my new girl friends Kayla and Vanessa. I love how when they 3 boys leave, us 3 girls are like... the wives left behind worrying and texting them to see if they made it ok. XDDD *whiny* Misses him~~ But we're still going out for a girl's night haha!

2) I went to Playland yesterday with him before he left, for those who don't know it's an amusement park. And I TOTALLY bruised/smashed my face on a ride... -.- So not fun anymore those old coasters... Technically they are... but until they have better security those rides HURT!

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