Friday, May 20, 2011

Ageha ~ Hostess Style - How to Make Boobs Look Bigger


Been posting more frequently this week (surprisingly) XD Apparently there's not much for me to do with my boredom now that my bf is not here. And I'm procrastinating on work as always lol. Decided to try out my new lashes and lenses with an Age-jo hostess look! This is the result~ Please excuse the many camera-whoring pictures. 8D


Did anyone notice the bigger cleavage in these pics...? (not that I'm really trying to attract attention LOL) But no my boobs did not get bigger. I just got the "secret" idea from one of my fave vblogger, Jenna Marbles (or this link). Since I'm thinking about going into the exotic/gogo dancer business once I get fitter anyways (like her), from a friend's recommendation. According to her, all these club dancer's no. 1 common knowledge to make your boobs appear bigger is to wear 2 bras. You can also contour and stuff them like crazy but I only stuck with the 2 bras. XP It definitely worked! So now I don't have to buy those push up NuBra's that Ageha models supposedly wears.

Here's the video if you want to watch~ It's pretty entertaining and I definitely agree with her views on girls and why they "make-up" to look good. Obviously gyaru readers would probably agree too. =)

And the link below leads to more images of my style! Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading~

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