Monday, May 30, 2011

Shopping Haul & Solo Purikura~

Hello readers! Another quick update. This weekend I went to Richmond again just for necessity shopping and going to the night market. I took some solo purikura photos for the first time lol. I've always wanted too but felt it was weird since you usually go in with friends. So I went with my little brother (obviously he refuses to go in) and told him to stand out while I take the pics without feeling like a loner. XDD Totally worth the money though! As I do not know any professional photographers nor want to spend the money on those type of photos in the mall where they have a store specifically for family portraits and what not.

Pic 2 I look so retarded LOL! Not even looking at the camera and my face seems majorly photo-shopped. I do like pic 1 and my "pin-up girl" post in pic 5. ;P This was from the newest purikura machine we got in 2011. It's actually pretty good... But the lighting is too faded...? I love the enhancing but I felt like it made my eyes way too dramatic! My eyes are already naturally big! My most fave machine is still the one I took with Emy and Annii last year~

Bought the purple lingerie top at the night market for only $15~ Boyfriend absolutely approves. XDD The garter stockings are picked up from Helena when I ordered through her for DreamV.

(tis the black polka-dotted ones)

First pair of branded lashes! (DollyWink) I love how I was in dire need of lashes before... Now that's like all I buy. I gotta stop buying so much and use them till they wear out haha. Bought them at a store in Aberdeen called Magic Queen (love this place for cosmetics), they were having a promotional sale for Koji items. More purchases from night market: 6 pieces curly extensions for only $30 (though they are synthetic, the quality is not bad at all). And another pair of Japanese garter stocking. $10! These were the same ones that I wanted off Rakuten~

 Finally, how could I forget another Liz Lisa item?? My first meet-up purchase off Craigslist (known for it's shady-ness, I know lol). The seller said it's fake, but I believe it's real... She got it from Sweet Biibaby but that doesn't guarantee it's fake. I've only bought from that seller once and my items are real. You guys forget, practically all Japan's fashion items are manufactured in China! They also have LL branch stores over there too so don't just assume it's fake. Chances are, the quality, everything is 100% same. Just cause they didn't slap on a logo or washing instruction tag doesn't make it counterfeit.

That's all for this post! Next one I will be making a diet post since readers have been asking me a lot about that. =) Stay tuned!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ageha ~ Hostess Style - How to Make Boobs Look Bigger


Been posting more frequently this week (surprisingly) XD Apparently there's not much for me to do with my boredom now that my bf is not here. And I'm procrastinating on work as always lol. Decided to try out my new lashes and lenses with an Age-jo hostess look! This is the result~ Please excuse the many camera-whoring pictures. 8D


Did anyone notice the bigger cleavage in these pics...? (not that I'm really trying to attract attention LOL) But no my boobs did not get bigger. I just got the "secret" idea from one of my fave vblogger, Jenna Marbles (or this link). Since I'm thinking about going into the exotic/gogo dancer business once I get fitter anyways (like her), from a friend's recommendation. According to her, all these club dancer's no. 1 common knowledge to make your boobs appear bigger is to wear 2 bras. You can also contour and stuff them like crazy but I only stuck with the 2 bras. XP It definitely worked! So now I don't have to buy those push up NuBra's that Ageha models supposedly wears.

Here's the video if you want to watch~ It's pretty entertaining and I definitely agree with her views on girls and why they "make-up" to look good. Obviously gyaru readers would probably agree too. =)

And the link below leads to more images of my style! Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading~

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shops & Make-up Updates/Preview

Shops from going to Richmond yesterday! Bought an (authentic) Cecil McBee shirt for only $20! Went to the Daiso for more lashes since I find they are better quality than crappy Night Market ones. And they're just as cheap~

Number. 11 again and the bottom 2 pairs are new ones I'm trying.

Has anyone seen the new Jewerich lashes?? (or am I completely outdated?) XD The first 3 here are the new ones and I really want to try the purple package.

Hello Kitty cosmetics at Sephora has also just launched a new limited edition line called, "Memoirs of a Kitty". I found that the palette shaped in Kitty's head was really cute, I think it was about $45 CAD? I debated on whether to buy that or the notebook. XD;;

Hyper Natural Gray - Lens Review (HoneyColor)

(pic taken with the front/mirror view of my Docomo)


Usage Modality:  Yearly
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.5 mm
Water content:  45%

(with flash)


Comfort: The first time I put these on they were slightly uncomfortable for the first few hours. Maybe because they're new and this is the first time I wore lenses that are bigger in diameter than the usual ones I wear. But it went away after that and isn't irritating anymore!


Color: I'm really happy with the color! Not only did it make my irises bigger, but the color looks natural. With the Geo Wing series, it's natural, but to the point of where most people can't even tell they're there. But with these they provide a subtle pop in your eyes and you can tell you have big dolly gray eyes, without being too dramatic.


Service: This is the first time I bought lenses from HoneyColor after seeing the advertisement on XiaXue's blog. The lenses were shipped out fast and included a cute frog case with it! I like that they have rewards for their customers and an easy layout/navigation on the website. Very cute and professional~


This is my first amateur product review, I hope the readers will find it somewhat useful. If not, the photos. Since I chose a lens that (I think) not many people tried or reviewed on because there were only the stock photos. You can now see what it looks like on person instead of a model! =)

On a side note, I am also wearing the Taiwanese top/bottom lashes I bought from the Night Market as shown in the previous post. As a short review, they don't REALLY look that great in person. I have to pile on quite an amount of make-up for it to look slightly more natural, otherwise it seems almost drag queen-ish. In photos however it looks good. XD Because it shows up better than the less voluminous lashes.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ageha ~ Sexy-Kei Business Style & Shops

Hi everyone! Short post of a koakuma style I tried out last week. The skirt doesn't match the blazer but it's the only one I have that suits (needs to get more dark colored skirts). And the blazer I just found while rummaging in my mom's closet lol so I decided to wear it. The only thing that bugs me are the big shoulder pads. =_=

The tattoos and belly button ring are fake. XD Well the ring is real but I stuck it on and photo-shopped it so it looks real but I haven't gotten it pierced yet lol. I'm thinking about getting both soon though! A tattoo not on my boob like the image above (I don't have a big enough chest for it to show well anyways but I want one on the back of my left shoulder).

The Richmond Night Market opened early this year! The opening day was kinda disappointing but I still bought a couple stuff here and there.

Cheap fake lashes from Taiwan (they looked similar to Jewerich/Dolly Wink/Diamond ones so I bought them. But it's such bad quality... They were selling Diamond lashes but it's like $28 or 2 for $50... I could get them online for cheaper. =_=;

Another fake Liz Lisa dress. This one doesn't have tags so technically it's imitation instead of fake... I really love the pattern/fabric though. It's the same as the romper I bought previously but in brown. Hey it's cheap and cute plus I was itching to buy things lol. Done deal.

I also ordered a new pair of lenses (FINALLY), this time from Honey Color and will do a review for them possibly tomorrow! =3

Other than that, for life news:
1) My boyfriend left me yesterday night to go to work in the next Alberta province. T_T I was tough and didn't cry, nor updated my Facebook status saying I'm missing him but I do... lol (will not crack!) He went with 2 of his friends who is also dating (and now I'm connected with all of them), 2 of my new girl friends Kayla and Vanessa. I love how when they 3 boys leave, us 3 girls are like... the wives left behind worrying and texting them to see if they made it ok. XDDD *whiny* Misses him~~ But we're still going out for a girl's night haha!

2) I went to Playland yesterday with him before he left, for those who don't know it's an amusement park. And I TOTALLY bruised/smashed my face on a ride... -.- So not fun anymore those old coasters... Technically they are... but until they have better security those rides HURT!