Thursday, April 28, 2011

Big Post! New Shops, Hair Colour and Age-jo Style~

Hello readers! A big(ish?) post this time! Yesterday I got my hair dyed an ash blond? I didn't want the yellow bleach blond I had before (tbh that wasn't the color I was aiming for anyways when I went to the salon years ago. She kinda messed up but it wasn't TOO bad. This was the color I originally wanted). It's the same as J.LO's from her new video for "On the Floor"~ I like it in dark to fluorescent lighting the most, but it looks more gold in warmer light without being so orange.

Bought these two belts a couple days ago when I was really bored and went to Value Village. XDD They were only $4 each!! Lol, the upper one is Kathy Van Zeeland so that's a pretty awesome price for used. You can really find a lot of items to coordinate there that's cheap~

Thought my blond hair would look best with the age-jo/clubbing/rock-type look so I tried it out again with my new accessories. ^_^ Lots of um, camera-whoring again haha... [CLICK LINK BELOW]

For these last two photos I didn't shop out my light acne scars, which apparently reminded people of moles. So it's like... Lena Fuji's two moles? XD

That's all for this post! Thank you for reading everyone~ =) (Turns out the last post wasn't my final one of the month in the end) ^^;;


  1. nice outfit looks, I like that tie necklace of yours ^^

  2. Aw! I love it! ^o^ so happy to see another post from you! The hair color looks lovely!

  3. lovely color and you look cute/sexy as always >u<

  4. Omigawsh yoou have beautiful eyes! And your hair looks amaaazing :D Your cooord is really awesome too ^^

  5. Very beautiful hair color!!

  6. It's a cool transformation :)
    But no more sweet himekaji for you :(?

  7. loving the new look~~ so cool~ love your new hair colour too..x

  8. Your hair is like, the exact shade I want :x

    But anyways, I'm really lovin' that tie necklace. <3

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  10. OH MY GOSH KATHY! You look hot hot hot! I guess someone's tired of cute Liz Lisa too haha! I miss youuu!