Thursday, April 28, 2011

Big Post! New Shops, Hair Colour and Age-jo Style~

Hello readers! A big(ish?) post this time! Yesterday I got my hair dyed an ash blond? I didn't want the yellow bleach blond I had before (tbh that wasn't the color I was aiming for anyways when I went to the salon years ago. She kinda messed up but it wasn't TOO bad. This was the color I originally wanted). It's the same as J.LO's from her new video for "On the Floor"~ I like it in dark to fluorescent lighting the most, but it looks more gold in warmer light without being so orange.

Bought these two belts a couple days ago when I was really bored and went to Value Village. XDD They were only $4 each!! Lol, the upper one is Kathy Van Zeeland so that's a pretty awesome price for used. You can really find a lot of items to coordinate there that's cheap~

Thought my blond hair would look best with the age-jo/clubbing/rock-type look so I tried it out again with my new accessories. ^_^ Lots of um, camera-whoring again haha... [CLICK LINK BELOW]

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Over the Years ~ Now and Then

I decided to make a quick transformation post of me over the years. Back then before I fully got into age-jo/gyaru. Changes from weight loss, paler skin tone, make-up, hair and fashion!

Spring Shops and Nails~!

Hello everyone! This is my second and last post for April I think (lots of slacking I know) =_=;; Just wanted to share some items I've bought for Spring/Summer in the past week~

A Liz Lisa romper/dress with those brown heeled sandals I've been looking for everywhere! The good ones are always expensive. Luckily I got these for only $30 at The Bay's huge sale. ;)


A pink cherry babydoll from La Senza, also on sale lol. (feels so cheap nowadays)

I got my nails done yesterday by a friend's friend who was still schooling for nails. She needed models to practice on so I brought my friend Sam too. She got gel nails done and I was going too, but we were running out of time so I didn't get extensions and just got them quickly leopard painted. ^_^ They still look cute though! I kinda need my nails short at the moment so it's not too bad... Though I miss having long nails.

And that's all for this time, thank you for looking through everyone! Gotta get back to studying for exams since the next 2 weeks are the last of my 2nd semester! ^o^

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beginning of Spring~

First post of April and the season of Spring! Finally we get to pull out our dresses, skirts, flip-flops, heels etc. =D I'm supposed to be studying (or sleeping) right now but I just wanted to make a quick update. Went down to Richmond today and got my mom to buy me a new dress since I literally have not bought anything gyaru-related for months because of my lack of money. T_T It sucks... and kinda embarrassing. I refuse to let my bf pay for my clothes lol.

The dress I bought is the one from Liz Lisa's Spring collection worn by Lena Fuji. Though I'm sure it's just an imitation. Either fake LL or JOYLIFE, I dunno because there's no tag whatsoever. But it still looks really good and very close to the original quality. It was $49 and since the owner knows me, gave me a discount so it's $43! ;) Not bad, considering the real is like $10-$20 more without shipping.

Here's some camera-whoring photos! XD Sweet-style, different from my recent Age-jo/darker looks. Preparing to wear my floral outfits~~


 (pics from my cell)

And that's all! I did change the layout too if you've noticed lol. Thank you everyone for over 300 followers!