Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hime/Lolita Part II~

I know I've been completely slacking on updating my blog in months, but this school semester has been really intense! It doesn't help that in the past week, I've come down with a bad illness. ='( Money became a huge issue too since my job isn't giving me enough shifts and all that stress that built up, making me crash the last week.

Despite that, I've also been trying to donate as much as I can to help Japan! Been crying for the first couple of days since they were hit because I have friends over there (worrying for idols isn't a bad thing either). Luckily they're safe and I pray for the best... Please help support them in this time of need everyone~ It's kinda scary that a couple weeks ago, everyone brought up the subject that Vancouver is supposed to be hit with a 9pt earthquake too!! Apparently it's "old news" and that it's a government scare. The plates are fucked up and we're overdue since it was supposed to hit years ago, thus piling up to explode now. T_T I'm beginning to think that's true... Hopefully I won't be downtown during that time in school where we're surrounded by city buildings that could collapse.

This is just a short post of my style about 2 weeks ago, other than the depressing news above. Kinda randomly thrown out there~ >_<;;

I have an updated sales post over here at gyaru_com_sales if anyone wants to check it out. Includes the dress above! It will help me get more money to donate too. ^^;; (seriously so poor despite that. Resulting to raiding my piggy bank is just pitiful)