Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mini Gyaru Hang Out~! + Shopping

Yesterday I met up with Shawna (finally lol) after awhile when we last saw each other during a face trade. We just went to Metrotown and Crystal mall to shop/browse around. I ended up spending so much even though I was pretty much broke T_T My bank account is at it's lowest ever and I don't even have enough shifts to currently make it up. *does not want to touch her debit card for the next month*

There were a couple of "not so bad" sales for Japanese clothes at Crystal, so with Shawna's PRESSURE XD I ended up buying a Age-jo-style one-piece from Dazzy.CC~ Instead of their usual outrageous prices, this was on sale for $88. Still expensive (retail price for it is like 1980yen without shopping service)... and I can get it like $30 cheaper online but since I was already there... Tried on 3 dresses and both her + shopkeeper said I should buy all of them ^^;; That would just kill my money haha~ Especially since I just bought my bf's birthday present too and that was pricey. 

Well at least James really loved the dress on me LOL! It was the first time I wore something more sexy than the cute-style around him. ;D

Got this accessory belt too because it reminded me of those d.i.a ones. Probably works well with black dresses or jean shorts (for only $10!)

Purikura! Since we went to the Metrotown ones it kinda sucked compared to Richmond's. =( We'll go down to the other booths once there's a bigger group meet. ^^


  1. Omg, how cute are the both of you!! *__* ♥ And hot damn, that dress is so sexy!

  2. haha... now that I know the actual price of the dress I feel bad pressuring u into buying it XD but it looked sooo good on you!!

    also makes me think I can just open a store and sell shit from dreamV or other such places for profit haha

  3. The purikuras are very cute ^^
    I love your outfit!!!

  4. Aw such cute items! HAHAHAH lol the purikura was so cute!

  5. Aww such adorable purikura! I definitely want to see you with that onepiece! ;D

  6. @Tricia: Thank you! ^^

    @Shawa: Ah it's ok, what's done is done lol. It's just one item and thankfully I have a job to make it back up. ;) Online shopping for me now only!

    @Aiko: Thanks!

    @나니: Thank you!

    @Dolly: Thanks! Haha I'll hopefully have a chance to wear it out soon and take pics. ;D

  7. KATHY! You two are just too cute!
    Finally you guys met haha I was wondering when you two would be hanging out! AHHHHHARRRRGHHH I MISS YOU! We hardly talk anymore why is this?! I blame the boyfriand! Just kidding, hope we can catch up soon, and omg that dress is so sexy!

  8. omg i love ur top!!

  9. @Emy: Haha yea our schedules never met until now. XD Since I'm going to school down Van, it's easier to meet up. I'M SORRY! It's not just him lol but school + work has been piling, and I've been so social lately. XDDD We can talk more this week since I'm on my 10 day ban of being anti-social for finals. I'll be at home or on the computer allllll week!

    @ddollysweet: Thanks!

  10. you girls are both so pretty! love your new dress and the puris! ♥