Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Years~! (Belated)

Because Emy wanted to catch up and I've been so busy to even properly communicate/chat anymore. ^^;; This is a personal, girly... almost diary-like post lol. Apparently some asked about my boyfriend and are curious so I have a few photos from our date to the aquarium and New Years get together.

For New Years, our group of 6 people just went downtown for the countdown. At first it seemed dead and I was like... "Ok Robson/Granville St dead is NOT normal" but then it got more packed after. The bars especially were crowded. We went to a sports bar and grill (one of the best experiences!) I just love lively bars that only permit 19+ ages haha, otherwise it wouldn't be lively at all~! 8D

I actually don't remember how many drinks, shots and beer I had that night... 8D I was pretty tipsy/drunk at the bar but by the time we got to the club it completely wore off so I got bored fast.

My WONDERFUL friends just loves to trick me and got me a "free drink" called "Muffdiver"? It was basically a face plant through a pile of whip cream trying to search for the shot glass. I did it wrong and messed up so many times... Totally was NOT going to stick my mouth all over searching for the cup and down it using no hands. In the end I just grabbed it, then shot it lol!

 He's so cute!!! *face palms*

 Our bill in the end came out to be like $300... =_=;;

These are the Xmas cards I received so far from my friends online here at Blogspot and subbing teams I work with! Thank you so much! *waiting for the rest to come* I loved all the Arashi goodness too haha~

ps. I recently had my first kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Years... Since we're all probably girls here, does anyone remember their first experiences that they don't mind sharing? XD With my inexperience I kinda freaked out by myself wondering if this is right or not. It's definitely not all sparks and fireworks lol. To be honest, it was kinda strange...

No well, my first kiss was the best. But the mini-make-out sessions after that were the weird ones lol! It definitely will be memorable cause it was so romantic... What happened was we were in the club. Me and my friend Mimi just came outta the washroom and squeezing our way through the crowd (which was almost impossible), all of a sudden everyone started counting down and I FREAKED thinking, "OMG! Already??" All of a sudden I felt a tug on my free arm and looked back to see James, at that moment I lost Mimi's grip and she went off with the crowd. I turned around and went, "James I think-" then before I knew it, everyone was shouting Happy New Years and he went up to kiss me. It was shocking/mind-blowing to say the least. But I only froze for like .5 seconds before responding and my arms automatically went around his neck. When we parted, I was totally breathless and in a daze before he kissed me again. Everything flowed so naturally that after wards I was like... "Woah... did that just happen?" ^////^  All my friends said it sounded like a movie lol. The cheering crowd, not noticing anyone around us, kissing in the middle of the dance floor at the stroke of midnight and he cut me off mid sentence... Yup haha~ It was perfect <3 I'm falling for him hard.


  1. Awww, you guys are so cute!! I'm glad you had a wonderful time celebrating New Year's. ^__^ And I think it's totally okay to be a little freaked out for your first kiss! It's a big deal, ya know?! I know I freaked out on my first kiss! And it wasn't as amazing as the ones you see in Disney movies. U.U I guess it's because I didn't really know how to kiss, and plus I was feeling a little guilty about it happening in the first place (like is it too soon?!). xD

  2. Happy New Year!!
    The photos are very funny, i passed a good time ^^

  3. I wish you a happy new year! much happiness

  4. OHOHOHOHOHOH!!!!!!!
    Too freaking cute Kathy! I am so happy for you too ahhahaha omg we seriously dont talk anymore though geeze atleast I know why now!!!! You're too cute now also, love your hair, makeup, and style like always!! Also damn @ that bill hahah you guys are mad rich, hope you had an amazing new years, i meeeshhh youuuuuuuuuuu!

  5. that's too cuuuuuuute!
    seem like you celebrate very well.
    about the special kiss thing.. well yes I guess you will have a lot of them in the future. but the first one you will never forget. and that's it what it makes special, right?
    soo being strange is ok^________^ I was that too.

  6. why, so adorable! My first kiss was a very eye-popping moment for me cuz I didn't see it coming, haha!

  7. you look so cute =) and jealous of the arashi stuff o_o

  8. 1 correction, I did not lose you in the crowd but let James have you. teehee