Thursday, January 27, 2011

Age-jo Girl & Final Buys~

 It's been awhile since I've actually done a self-shoot/camera-whoring day. XD Procrastinating on homework (even when finals are next week) to wear this new dress I ordered!

The dress is from DreamV and I bought it from Anni, she runs a Facebook group called Twinkle Barbie. FINALLY the Liz Lisa scarf I got came in too from Richmond's Moonchii store, so I was able to conveniently pick up both items. At first I wanted to buy the mittens and hat too but the mittens would probably bug me 'cause it's not the one with finger holes. The hat looks cute but when worn seems too small/pointy...

And that's all for this post, I gotta get back to my work. 2 exams and 2 presentations next week. T___T I HATE PRESENTATIONS, especially if it's by yourself and not with someone else. If I'm just reading my assignment, sure. But nope. The teachers actually want you to "present" and have a conversation basically, as opposed to reading off a piece of paper monotonously... -.-*

There are more images under the cut if you'd like to see the rest! =)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mini Gyaru Hang Out~! + Shopping

Yesterday I met up with Shawna (finally lol) after awhile when we last saw each other during a face trade. We just went to Metrotown and Crystal mall to shop/browse around. I ended up spending so much even though I was pretty much broke T_T My bank account is at it's lowest ever and I don't even have enough shifts to currently make it up. *does not want to touch her debit card for the next month*

There were a couple of "not so bad" sales for Japanese clothes at Crystal, so with Shawna's PRESSURE XD I ended up buying a Age-jo-style one-piece from Dazzy.CC~ Instead of their usual outrageous prices, this was on sale for $88. Still expensive (retail price for it is like 1980yen without shopping service)... and I can get it like $30 cheaper online but since I was already there... Tried on 3 dresses and both her + shopkeeper said I should buy all of them ^^;; That would just kill my money haha~ Especially since I just bought my bf's birthday present too and that was pricey. 

Well at least James really loved the dress on me LOL! It was the first time I wore something more sexy than the cute-style around him. ;D

Got this accessory belt too because it reminded me of those d.i.a ones. Probably works well with black dresses or jean shorts (for only $10!)

Purikura! Since we went to the Metrotown ones it kinda sucked compared to Richmond's. =( We'll go down to the other booths once there's a bigger group meet. ^^

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Princess Nails Set~!


 (quite similar to Glam's reference pic)

My nails I got done recently on Sunday! This was at Richmond's Parker Place mall in a salon called AAA Nails. The salon is really small and run by 1 Taiwanese nail artist but it's definitely more Japanese 3D oriented unlike the last set I got where it's more amateur 3D art. This one came out to be $130 CAD with all the Swarovski crystals, bows and bling I wanted. XD Also realized that they're gel nails, which is my first time getting them done. The process is a bit different than acrylic and your fingers don't feel all stiff afterwards! I'm probably going to go try out Glam Nails next time or Kaen for "authentic" artists from Tokyo lol~ (Kinda worried about the prices of those... >.<;;)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Years~! (Belated)

Because Emy wanted to catch up and I've been so busy to even properly communicate/chat anymore. ^^;; This is a personal, girly... almost diary-like post lol. Apparently some asked about my boyfriend and are curious so I have a few photos from our date to the aquarium and New Years get together.

For New Years, our group of 6 people just went downtown for the countdown. At first it seemed dead and I was like... "Ok Robson/Granville St dead is NOT normal" but then it got more packed after. The bars especially were crowded. We went to a sports bar and grill (one of the best experiences!) I just love lively bars that only permit 19+ ages haha, otherwise it wouldn't be lively at all~! 8D

I actually don't remember how many drinks, shots and beer I had that night... 8D I was pretty tipsy/drunk at the bar but by the time we got to the club it completely wore off so I got bored fast.

My WONDERFUL friends just loves to trick me and got me a "free drink" called "Muffdiver"? It was basically a face plant through a pile of whip cream trying to search for the shot glass. I did it wrong and messed up so many times... Totally was NOT going to stick my mouth all over searching for the cup and down it using no hands. In the end I just grabbed it, then shot it lol!

 He's so cute!!! *face palms*

 Our bill in the end came out to be like $300... =_=;;

These are the Xmas cards I received so far from my friends online here at Blogspot and subbing teams I work with! Thank you so much! *waiting for the rest to come* I loved all the Arashi goodness too haha~

ps. I recently had my first kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Years... Since we're all probably girls here, does anyone remember their first experiences that they don't mind sharing? XD With my inexperience I kinda freaked out by myself wondering if this is right or not. It's definitely not all sparks and fireworks lol. To be honest, it was kinda strange...

No well, my first kiss was the best. But the mini-make-out sessions after that were the weird ones lol! It definitely will be memorable cause it was so romantic... What happened was we were in the club. Me and my friend Mimi just came outta the washroom and squeezing our way through the crowd (which was almost impossible), all of a sudden everyone started counting down and I FREAKED thinking, "OMG! Already??" All of a sudden I felt a tug on my free arm and looked back to see James, at that moment I lost Mimi's grip and she went off with the crowd. I turned around and went, "James I think-" then before I knew it, everyone was shouting Happy New Years and he went up to kiss me. It was shocking/mind-blowing to say the least. But I only froze for like .5 seconds before responding and my arms automatically went around his neck. When we parted, I was totally breathless and in a daze before he kissed me again. Everything flowed so naturally that after wards I was like... "Woah... did that just happen?" ^////^  All my friends said it sounded like a movie lol. The cheering crowd, not noticing anyone around us, kissing in the middle of the dance floor at the stroke of midnight and he cut me off mid sentence... Yup haha~ It was perfect <3 I'm falling for him hard.