Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Past Xmas Break Week~! (Slightly Long Post)

Hello everyone~! I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates for like 2 weeks... Because A LOT has happened since then lol. I had a snowboarding trip with friends at first (and bonded with someone, once again at our Xmas get together), so I'm happy to announce... that I now have a boyfriend!!! =D After 20 years of my life waiting, I finally found my first guy and already I'm falling hard. We liked each other since the first time we met few months ago and thanks to a little bit of alcohol lol I finally decided to just go for it and confess him my feelings near Xmas eve (since the both of us were either shy or had too many misunderstandings for anything to develop. Pretty happy I broke that and initiated or we wouldn't be together). He returned my feelings and asked me out last week, now here we are~ =)

 This has just been my style for the past week or so... Last few pictures were taken by my friend Mimi who came back from New York to visit. She's a film student so I'd totally love to do an actual photo shoot with her sometime haha~
Recent shops! Liz Lisa coat and winter dress... I believe they're imitations though. But the price wasn't too bad and the quality quite good! I love my West49 snowboarding jacket I bought for the trip too <3
My decorated house for the family Xmas party~! Not many pictures that day but I had a lot of fun catching up with my cousins since I haven't seen them in ages.

 And for our first date, my wonderful new boyfriend got me flowers and this diamond necklace from Peoples. T_T He also took me to the revolving tower restaurant downtown Vancouver that overlooks the whole city at night. It was absolutely romantic and not too cliche lol. <333 He wanted everything to be perfect for my first date ever and it definitely was. I still can't believe he went all out just for our first date and I'm just feeling so emotionally touched.

Even though we've technically met and hung out with each other for probably 5 days since being friends, I think this is already love developing... I always had crushes in the past so this feeling is quite new to me. I miss the jittery, nervousness that crushes bring and when I felt so comfortable/calming around him, I was completely scared that my emotions for him is just friendship. But my friend told me that it's normal (I even googled it LOL). But is this what love feels like? (to those in relationships)

Even though it was miserable being single forever, I'm glad I decided to wait to have him as my first everything. =)  (he actually said that it was smart and good that I didn't do the whole high school fling thing lol.) He didn't believe no one liked me and that I was probably just picky because I'm waiting for my "Prince Charming" XDDD Best part was he didn't go for it and kiss me on the first date, instead we both thought the same thing and wanted to keep it special so it's going to happen on New Years Eve... Which is just right around the corner!! *nervous*


  1. Awww, congrats to you and your boyfriend! He's a very lucky guy. I'm so happy for you! ^__^ And damn, he already gave you such a nice necklace?! It looks gorgeous on you, girl~ ♥ I think that being comfortable and calm with someone is definitely a big part of love!! It's what makes relationships so great! You love someone very much, and yet you know you can relax and be yourself in front of them. And of course, there's the occasional butterflies! ^__^

    Btw, your new Liz Lisa gets are so cute!! :3

  2. I'm so happy for you hehe~ Yeah he really went all out for your first date! Thats so romantic~

    And yeah its totally normal not to feel all jittery and nervous after a while, totally normal! :P

  3. @Tricia & Shawna:
    Thank you ♥♥♥
    He's definitely a keeper lol. I guess I kinda expected to have that rush feeling when you have a crush but it never happened so I was so worried that it's just friendship after all. But then again your partner has to be your close friend too and I do miss him, look forward to our meetings. =)

  4. Awww so cute! <3 It's so sweet of him especially for a first date! I'm glad you've found someone you enjoy being with so much ^o^ He also chose such a nice necklace that's perfect for you, keeper! XD

  5. Merry Christmas and happy new year!!
    The items are very cute ^^

  6. Oh my gosh Kathy! You get cuter every day!
    I just love your winter coats hah you have so many! Hmm also I really like your eyemake now, it's so popteen style!!!!

    New boyfriend? OMG!!!! we must talk again soon and catch up ♥

  7. Happy belated New Year! o(^w^)o Whoa you're so pretty and I love your cute winter coats!♥♥♥

    PS. I'm your new follower by the way! :3

  8. @Dolly: Thank youuu! He really is a keeper ♥

    @Aiko: Thank you and same to you!

    @EMY: I do have a lot of winter coats NOW lol!! Before I was complaining about how I have none. XD
    I'm sorry!! I've been busy and lots of things happened in the past 2 weeks. m(_ _)m Just FB me sometime if you wanna chat+catch up~ =P

    @☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆: Thank you for following my blog ♥ ^3^