Thursday, December 2, 2010

After School Xmas Shopping and Purikura~

Not much of an update this week~ But I went out shopping with my non-gyaru friend yesterday after school. It's really hard trying to find Xmas presents for people this year... ToT 

I ended up buying this Vera Wang gift set because I was dying to get new perfume and will forever be (semi)-loyal to this brand. XD I didn't constantly buy it before since it's quite expensive for one that's been out for a long time... Particularly the original one which I like. This set was more reasonable than the perfume itself ($75 for the smallest bottle), $82 for this set that includes the small perfume bottle, Au de Toilette roller, small bag and small lotion! O.o

Yes, here comes the fox tails AGAIN lol!! This was actually a present for Emy... But because she said she already has a lot, so I'm just going to keep it. XD It's like the Liz Lisa one no? 

The new winter collection Liz Lisa top I bought finally came in today~! I'm probably going to wear this for my Xmas get together "date" 8D

Even though it got pretty late, I managed to drag my friend into purikura haha~ We haven't taken any together for a long time! Please ignore how bad I look here... Dx It's not that good compared to my recent purikura's since it was the end of the day, we were tired with disheveled hair/make-up. And apparently my clothes were too bright/white for this machine to handle. -.-*

ARGH! So tired from school! I wonder how I'm going to handle this for 1 whole year. X_x 3 presentations next week... Definitely not looking forward to those. The teachers just really love to make us do public speaking huh? I need to stop procrastinating on homework/projects too lol. I always do it a couple hours before on the bus or sky train and everyone thinks I'm crazy. XD Well that's all for today, thank you for reading!!


  1. Thats one of my fave perfumes too!! :D

    I love the fox tail, its so pretty
    as is your Puri!

  2. I've tried this perfum out in our saphora store and I love it!^^

    the pictures are cute. I wanna also do such pictures, but here we don't have this kind of machines...><

  3. That Vera Wang gift set is so cute!! :3 I love how it's called Princess. ♥ Really cute fox tail too!! Pink ones are so unique. ^__^

    Omg if we ever meet up, we gotta take puri together! ♥

  4. I love the Liz Lisa top!!!
    And the purikura are very cute ^^

  5. it's the cutest colored fox tail i have seen so far! :)

    Very cute purikura, btw ^3^

  6. Whoa, Princess is my favorite perfume! *w* I'm afraid I'm running out of it soon though, so I haven't had it in everyday use for a while >_<

    And love the top! And you're blog! :D added you to my blogroll

  7. oh! that liz lisa dress is very georgeous! i usually dont even like floural prints but liz lisa is always an acception!!

  8. i love the liz lisa dress's beautiful.. i miss japan b/c i love liz lisa.. nice to meet a fellow fan

    my blog is

    where do u buy ur liz lisa clothes? in japan?