Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Past Xmas Break Week~! (Slightly Long Post)

Hello everyone~! I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates for like 2 weeks... Because A LOT has happened since then lol. I had a snowboarding trip with friends at first (and bonded with someone, once again at our Xmas get together), so I'm happy to announce... that I now have a boyfriend!!! =D After 20 years of my life waiting, I finally found my first guy and already I'm falling hard. We liked each other since the first time we met few months ago and thanks to a little bit of alcohol lol I finally decided to just go for it and confess him my feelings near Xmas eve (since the both of us were either shy or had too many misunderstandings for anything to develop. Pretty happy I broke that and initiated or we wouldn't be together). He returned my feelings and asked me out last week, now here we are~ =)

 This has just been my style for the past week or so... Last few pictures were taken by my friend Mimi who came back from New York to visit. She's a film student so I'd totally love to do an actual photo shoot with her sometime haha~
Recent shops! Liz Lisa coat and winter dress... I believe they're imitations though. But the price wasn't too bad and the quality quite good! I love my West49 snowboarding jacket I bought for the trip too <3
My decorated house for the family Xmas party~! Not many pictures that day but I had a lot of fun catching up with my cousins since I haven't seen them in ages.

 And for our first date, my wonderful new boyfriend got me flowers and this diamond necklace from Peoples. T_T He also took me to the revolving tower restaurant downtown Vancouver that overlooks the whole city at night. It was absolutely romantic and not too cliche lol. <333 He wanted everything to be perfect for my first date ever and it definitely was. I still can't believe he went all out just for our first date and I'm just feeling so emotionally touched.

Even though we've technically met and hung out with each other for probably 5 days since being friends, I think this is already love developing... I always had crushes in the past so this feeling is quite new to me. I miss the jittery, nervousness that crushes bring and when I felt so comfortable/calming around him, I was completely scared that my emotions for him is just friendship. But my friend told me that it's normal (I even googled it LOL). But is this what love feels like? (to those in relationships)

Even though it was miserable being single forever, I'm glad I decided to wait to have him as my first everything. =)  (he actually said that it was smart and good that I didn't do the whole high school fling thing lol.) He didn't believe no one liked me and that I was probably just picky because I'm waiting for my "Prince Charming" XDDD Best part was he didn't go for it and kiss me on the first date, instead we both thought the same thing and wanted to keep it special so it's going to happen on New Years Eve... Which is just right around the corner!! *nervous*

Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Cell Phone & Style~

Hi everyone! Not much of an update this week since I haven't really been "out" lately other than focusing on my studies. My clothes have been getting really casual - lazy at school too even though I'm in for fashion. XD It's quite exhausting but there's only 2 days left before the break!! =D

My outfit today when I went for our weekly family outing. I seriously love this Liz Lisa top and am probably going to wear it on my Xmas date. =3

Has everyone started decorating their trees yet?? This is mine that I did last night and the pink small one that I bought from Daiso 'cause it looked cute. XD It can be for my pets lol.

An Ageha clubbing outfit I put together from a few days ago~ (inspired by Tricia) School is obviously affecting my diet so much. ToT I've only gained a few pounds that I tried maintaining so it goes up and down frequently... But visually those few pounds looks like it hit my thighs/stomach pretty hard. =___=;

My new Docomo keitai came in yesterday! *______* I don't think I've ever been so attached to a phone before lol. It's like my life now and I use it way more than my camera+ipod. There's just so many amazing functions in all it's high tech glory, while looking fashionable at the same time. Totally worth the money! Now I'll be able to take those same quality camera phone photos that the gyaru models do. x3

Also endorsed and advertised by Horikita Maki-chan~!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

After School Xmas Shopping and Purikura~

Not much of an update this week~ But I went out shopping with my non-gyaru friend yesterday after school. It's really hard trying to find Xmas presents for people this year... ToT 

I ended up buying this Vera Wang gift set because I was dying to get new perfume and will forever be (semi)-loyal to this brand. XD I didn't constantly buy it before since it's quite expensive for one that's been out for a long time... Particularly the original one which I like. This set was more reasonable than the perfume itself ($75 for the smallest bottle), $82 for this set that includes the small perfume bottle, Au de Toilette roller, small bag and small lotion! O.o

Yes, here comes the fox tails AGAIN lol!! This was actually a present for Emy... But because she said she already has a lot, so I'm just going to keep it. XD It's like the Liz Lisa one no? 

The new winter collection Liz Lisa top I bought finally came in today~! I'm probably going to wear this for my Xmas get together "date" 8D

Even though it got pretty late, I managed to drag my friend into purikura haha~ We haven't taken any together for a long time! Please ignore how bad I look here... Dx It's not that good compared to my recent purikura's since it was the end of the day, we were tired with disheveled hair/make-up. And apparently my clothes were too bright/white for this machine to handle. -.-*

ARGH! So tired from school! I wonder how I'm going to handle this for 1 whole year. X_x 3 presentations next week... Definitely not looking forward to those. The teachers just really love to make us do public speaking huh? I need to stop procrastinating on homework/projects too lol. I always do it a couple hours before on the bus or sky train and everyone thinks I'm crazy. XD Well that's all for today, thank you for reading!!