Thursday, November 18, 2010

Xmas Cards Exchange!

I never did this in the previous years but participated in my friend's exchanges so I thought I'd try this time! Basically you're just mailing each other Christmas greeting cards to one another~ I will send to anybody who'd like one too if you provide me your address. For more privacy in giving out the address, you could always email me at I would definitely love any cards if you have the time to send one! *o*


  1. Aw I love things like this.
    I'm going to email you! I also want to send one back :)

  2. Hello! I loved your idea, and I would love
    to participate in the exchange.
    I'm email you and I want to send one back too

  3. I love your idea too!
    I will also email you!
    Such a lovely idea!