Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Buys Arrived & Starting the New Month~

Hi everyone! Just quickly blogging my last week before showering and going to bed early. It's unbelievable to some people but... I'm actually starting school tomorrow! =O *GASP* Lol, because I took 2 years off after high school, it's about time to get to college.

This is a winter "Snow Girl" outfit I put together. 2nd pic difference is that I'm wearing the legwarmers.

Just yesterday I asked my family to go to this bargain/liquidation place that were selling stuff really cheap. My main interest were the weapons. XD Me and my brother had so much fun picking out daggers, swords, katanas. I got this set for $29! Usually it sells for about $80+ for only 1 katana. (But that's probably because it's more "real"). This one is real...ish. It's not that heavy though and the square sheath(?)/handle part is made of plastic instead of the usual metal/steel. The sword itself is real but very blunt and cannot cut. It's like a kitchen knife really. 8D I can sharpen it so it can cut but I don't see the reason why lol. I'm not trying to kill anybody~ =P And as long as it's not some plastic toy then it's all good! I'll probably buy a $100 one in  the future.

My Liz Lisa winter coat arrived today~! I'm absolutely in love with it and very happy with the creamy beige color. Bought 2 hats from Ardenes on my lunch break at work. Thought it was better getting the pompom hat here than ordering it online for way more.

Finally got around to starting a purikura book to put my photos in. I've just been stuffing it in a little box. ^^;; These are all the stickers from the last 4-5 years~

My Arashi "Scene" concert goods arrived! The seller was so kind as to give me a free flyer of Nino's new movie. T-T (JE sellers have been giving me a lot of Nino freebies lately lol <3) The Sho items are bought for my friend's upcoming birthday/Xmas present. This is just the first batch, I'll be getting more soon before the concerts are over. ;P

That's all for today! I still have my Liz Lisa dress + top coming in soon so that will be my next post! It's all from my October buys, so for the month of November I won't be online shopping at all. Other than neccessities or the occasional small accessory. Gotta save up money, especially since I'm a full-time student now and working only weekends. Not much money coming in. T^T

I can't believe I start my first day of college tomorrow morning... *terrified* Please wish me luck everyone! >.< I'm so scared 'cause I literally don't know anybody. It's like a first step into real life right now and I'm so insecure lol. My school is Blanche Macdonald and I'm going in for Fashion Merchandising. My stereotypical image is that the classes will have a lot of preps/catty girls so... Let's hope that's not the case! Ah... Don't wanna go...! Everyone tells me I'll be fine but that doesn't help the nerve-wracking feeling. XD


  1. that liz lisa coat is too lovely! ;u; ♥

  2. Love your outfit! and that coat looks so adoreable!!:D


  3. Hi!
    I'm a new follower of your blog~
    Adorable coat from Liz Lisa and that white beret matches perfectly it seems~

  4. Good luck with school, honey! ^__^

    And goodness, you are just too cute! I really love how the legwarmers really complete your winter snow girl outfit. ♥ And that coat... *__* ♥ ♥

  5. yayyyyy you got the boots!! soo cute omg i'm jealous of your leg warmers *0* i want!!!!!!!!!!!

    hehehe i feel special, im in you're purikura album!!!!!!!!!!!!

    good luck in school!

  6. Aww i love your outfitt...
    Sorry for the question... =(
    Where you bought ur warmer and ur boots? really i got in love :)

  7. I love your outfit!!!
    You look really cute *.*

  8. @Kami: Leg warmers at a store where I am, but you can get them online anywhere nowadays.
    Boots from this group!/profile.php?id=100000394084406 which the seller is also situated here so I just meet-up and pay her when she orders stuff for me. ^^ A lot is pretty locally lol.

  9. Thank u pretty like kind :D

  10. I love your "Snow Girl" outfit, you are so cute.
    Good luck with school ♥