Monday, November 15, 2010

Last Week's Style & New Cellphone Help!

Hey everyone! Just a couple of pictures of my style last week, it's pretty much the same from both days.
From this look I went to school with and while walking on Granville/Robson, someone actually went up to me and thought I was a celebrity/model. ^//^;;


This is from my friend's recent birthday party (in a bubble tea restaurant playing cards) and MAN it was a gong show. XD Especially driving in the same car with 3 other boys, we were just partying it up. Also getting lost numerous times on the highway... LOL!

At work just on Sunday, there was a cute Japanese student that came to my work (during the Fall season, exchange students from JP come down here a lot to visit) and after saying "Arigatou" to him, he dragged his homestay back in the store later and asked for a pic with me. XDD He was so adorable! Named Koki and his English was not bad at all. Apparently it was his last day in Canada and we talked for a bit even though my manager was like WTF are you doing take pictures and doing peace signs lol! I asked him if he (obviously) knew about gyaru girls and he laughed saying "yea I thought you were one!" My friend laughs at me later saying, "congratulations Kathy, you officially fooled a Japanese person to think that youre Japanese. You should just go there and blend in." That was the highlight of my work.

Need some opinions from my fellow followers! =D My 3 year cell phone contract is just days from expiring (finally, thank God) and now I'm going to try buying a new Japanese phone~ These are the styles I like most that are more affordable than the others. Anyone care to help me pick which one with votes? =3

Both of the top ones are touch screen but in different styles.

This one looks like a mini tv~

And this one can be flipped both ways as shown in the pic. Like a normal flip cell phone and LG Keybo. It also turns into a camera too!
I really want an unusual, pretty phone that would basically fascinate people. XD;; On a side note... I think... I THINK I am quite close to getting my first bf... *scream* This is just speculation though! ^v^;;


  1. agh you're so cute lolo.
    good luck with the bf!

  2. Heya~! ^-^ yay first comment on ure blog~ (^-^*)/

    I wanna get a Japanese phone too~ but Im not sure if i'd work here T~T;
    My friend has the last one but it only works if she mails to Japan? OAo; IDK

    Anyways~~ oohh bf!! *fingers crossed for you* ^-^ good luck~!

  3. I like the last phone ^_^ so cool being able to swivel diff ways!...ooh and soon to be BF!! good luck!! \(^_^)/ yay!

  4. You look really pretty, i love your coat, it's amazing *.*

  5. I'm not surprised that someone thought you were a celebrity! ^__^

    I don't know much about Japanese phones other than that they're awesome, but I'm sure whatever you choose will be fascinating! xD I have to wait until I make more income to get a Japanese phone that works in America.

    Hopefully everything works out with you and your potential boyfriend!! He'd be a lucky guy~ ♥

  6. That coat is so cute~~
    No wonder people thought you were a model! :D

    Also , i think you have really pretty eyes! :) Not just contact lenses, but eye shape...or something. Anyway your contacts suit your face and eyes ^3^

    Maybe rose pink phone by Docomo Prime series? They all look good actually, so hard to pick! :D

  7. @Stacy: Lol thank you! I hope it happens. =D

    @♥ リュー&あずみ☆: Thank you and welcome to my blog!! Oh just get the phone unlocked. That's what I'm doing to make it work in Canada.

    @Cookie: Thank you! And I hope it really happens lol.

    @Aiko: Thanks! =D

    @Tricia: LOL! You're flattering me too much ♥ Oh! You can just unlock it and it works like a regular phone with your plan instead of paying crazy bills like some people do. Thank you! I hope it works out. XD;;

    @Suzu: Thanks! ♥

    @Yukitty: Thank you very much!
    I really love my eyes too lol, it's my most fave feature. All Docomo or Fujitsu series are so pretty, it's hard to pick one! Dx

  8. aww ur outfit is really cute~~ i hope u dont mind me asking but where did u get ur coat? im looking for the same one but in pink~ > u <" thanks so much!!

  9. you're very pretty!
    I love your coat!^^

    woa the cellphones are all so cute... in europe we don't have that much choice for pretty phones. more normal ones....><
    I'm envious!^^

  10. @judy: I think I might've seen around before on FB, but there's tons of groups on there that sell Liz Lisa stuff. This one is pretty big:!/pages/LIZ-LISA-Tralala-Sweet-biibaby/358201765984

    Just basically browse on there for groups/fan pages etc.

    I bought mine from Hong Kong Yahoo Auctions so it's a difficult process to explain~ ^^;;

    @Clover: Thank you very much~ ♥
    Yea the phones here are pretty much bland too cause it's... America! XD We have Asian stores that sell phones from the East but it's unbelievably expensive! Better to buy it online~ That's why I want a unique Japanese phone as opposed to iphones or Blackberries that everyone here has.

  11. hi thanks for answering me and being so helpful!~~ ♥ yaah i added her before too but she sold out of pink >"< is there any way i can pay u (or my friend because i will be asking it as a christmas present~) to do a shopping service for a pink one and of course she/he will pay for commission fees? ^^" if not its totally fine~~ but its just hard to find the coat >"< thanks!!

  12. @judy: Maybe you can try the other FB groups? Like!/pages/Mirai-Shop-Liz-Lisa/108314669198081!/profile.php?id=100001235615677!/TwinkleBlythezoo

    You can use me as a shopping service as a last result~ =)

  13. thanks so much for ur help~ i actually found one on yahoo yest too~~ thanks for ur help tho<3 ^^

  14. Hey, just wondering if the jacket is warm enough for current Van weather? I bought a jacket from Lovely Angels but its so thin ;__;.
    Since I was planning on getting this one xP: