Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shops/Snow/School/Love Life and Dilemma on Future Career?

Hi everyone! I hope all is having a great winter season so far. Seems like everyone in the States would be really busy because of not only Thanksgiving, Black Friday but Christmas too! That's A LOT of shopping involved lol.
This week has been HELL when it came to the weather. I'm a total winter gal and love snow but... It might be just me but it has been unbelievably colder than usual. This year is supposed to be our coldest winter that we've had in 50 years with tons of snow and I can totally feel it. Either that or because I've lost so much weight/muscles compared to last year, my resistant is lower. (gotten really weak... Even though it's -10 to -2, feels like -20 to me) Taking transit and walking downtown is already difficult because of freezing cold, no matter how many layers I've got on. People are jammed inside the buses/trains... it sucks. =_= Few days ago there was a wind storm combined with it and raped my eyes to the point where I cried. The power went out for a few cities; it seriously felt like... early 2012.

On a brighter note! XD Here are a couple of recent shops and arrivals from my October orders~

Liz Lisa dress arrived last week! ;O Everyone thought I looked cute and they all pressured me to stand up and show the class yesterday. XDD SO embarrassing! It was also because the assignment we were working on were to identify textures etc. And my outfit matched so many of them lol.

Went to La Senza to get those more expensive, long lasting bras since the ones on sale are always crap quality. There was nice underwear for the early Xmas sales too so my mom bought us a bunch. XD My Liz Lisa make-up was DYING! It looked so ugly inside with all the eyeliner stains that I had to buy a new one from Claires. (finally)

My weakness for fox tails haha! So many colors to choose from, I bought this purple one and thought it would match the LV purse.

Just took pictures of my backyard from the bedroom window view this morning. This is my 2011 winter guys so don't complain if you hate snow so much lol. It's still coming down so I'm expecting a blizzard this weekend.

Tried Muto Shizuka-style! (mainly hair and kind of make-up) Reason why I wasn't too fond of this before is because I think the no bangs and flipped out curls accents my face too much by making it rounder. It's better now than before when I was fat. XD;;

I'm thinking about buying another poncho and was wondering if anyone would like to help me choose one? ^_^ There's these 4 I'm still stuck on...

School has been good by the way! Lots of those pretty, popular type girls in my classes but everyone is SUPER nice (well 'cept for maybe 2 girls ^^;;). It's surprising, I thought there would be a lot more catty girls (it's not high school anymore guys, please grow up). They're so sweet and accepting though, especially when I get all shy/embarrassed. I'm still nervous because it's only been a few weeks but overall I'll warm up later and be more comfortable. Since our classes requires us to do soooo many friggin' presentations in front of the room which me and my new friend dreads everyday. -.- We're kinda like "fuck it. Let's just get it over with" XD The con though is that... there's literally NO BOYS. It's almost like an all girls boarding school. =_=;; I've seen maybe 6 guys, more than half of which are gay... And here I said before that I would find a boyfriend in college LOL!! (Maybe if I didn't take a detour and went to Film school instead).

Ah well, I found someone else anyways... 8D Love life is slowly rising up! I'm really looking forward to our meeting again with "him" during Xmas. (But omg 1 month away T^T) He actually initiated and started talking to me on FB (THANK GOD! 'Cause I was going nowhere) ^///^;; Everyone kept telling me start a convo but I just.... couldn't lol. orz

When you're downtown at Blanche Macdonald, you'll find/meet a lot of contacts. We're always participating in fashion shows too and I became friends with someone who learned about me wanting to become a singer as a side career. She offered to hook me up with an agent to get me started! I was really overwhelmed/shocked because of this opportunity but at the same time I wanted to start my career, of course in Japan first, so I told her I'd think about it. (Not to mention I still have to work on my nerves and actually perform in front of a lot of people). If I start here, it'll be like... I'm the new Elise Estrada (who came from a city away from me). Not sure if I wanna start in the west/Hollywood, you know? But my friends are all encouraging me to do so and eventually branch over to Asia. Do you think I should try it...?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Xmas Cards Exchange!

I never did this in the previous years but participated in my friend's exchanges so I thought I'd try this time! Basically you're just mailing each other Christmas greeting cards to one another~ I will send to anybody who'd like one too if you provide me your address. For more privacy in giving out the address, you could always email me at I would definitely love any cards if you have the time to send one! *o*

Monday, November 15, 2010

Last Week's Style & New Cellphone Help!

Hey everyone! Just a couple of pictures of my style last week, it's pretty much the same from both days.
From this look I went to school with and while walking on Granville/Robson, someone actually went up to me and thought I was a celebrity/model. ^//^;;


This is from my friend's recent birthday party (in a bubble tea restaurant playing cards) and MAN it was a gong show. XD Especially driving in the same car with 3 other boys, we were just partying it up. Also getting lost numerous times on the highway... LOL!

At work just on Sunday, there was a cute Japanese student that came to my work (during the Fall season, exchange students from JP come down here a lot to visit) and after saying "Arigatou" to him, he dragged his homestay back in the store later and asked for a pic with me. XDD He was so adorable! Named Koki and his English was not bad at all. Apparently it was his last day in Canada and we talked for a bit even though my manager was like WTF are you doing take pictures and doing peace signs lol! I asked him if he (obviously) knew about gyaru girls and he laughed saying "yea I thought you were one!" My friend laughs at me later saying, "congratulations Kathy, you officially fooled a Japanese person to think that youre Japanese. You should just go there and blend in." That was the highlight of my work.

Need some opinions from my fellow followers! =D My 3 year cell phone contract is just days from expiring (finally, thank God) and now I'm going to try buying a new Japanese phone~ These are the styles I like most that are more affordable than the others. Anyone care to help me pick which one with votes? =3

Both of the top ones are touch screen but in different styles.

This one looks like a mini tv~

And this one can be flipped both ways as shown in the pic. Like a normal flip cell phone and LG Keybo. It also turns into a camera too!
I really want an unusual, pretty phone that would basically fascinate people. XD;; On a side note... I think... I THINK I am quite close to getting my first bf... *scream* This is just speculation though! ^v^;;

Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Buys Arrived & Starting the New Month~

Hi everyone! Just quickly blogging my last week before showering and going to bed early. It's unbelievable to some people but... I'm actually starting school tomorrow! =O *GASP* Lol, because I took 2 years off after high school, it's about time to get to college.

This is a winter "Snow Girl" outfit I put together. 2nd pic difference is that I'm wearing the legwarmers.

Just yesterday I asked my family to go to this bargain/liquidation place that were selling stuff really cheap. My main interest were the weapons. XD Me and my brother had so much fun picking out daggers, swords, katanas. I got this set for $29! Usually it sells for about $80+ for only 1 katana. (But that's probably because it's more "real"). This one is real...ish. It's not that heavy though and the square sheath(?)/handle part is made of plastic instead of the usual metal/steel. The sword itself is real but very blunt and cannot cut. It's like a kitchen knife really. 8D I can sharpen it so it can cut but I don't see the reason why lol. I'm not trying to kill anybody~ =P And as long as it's not some plastic toy then it's all good! I'll probably buy a $100 one in  the future.

My Liz Lisa winter coat arrived today~! I'm absolutely in love with it and very happy with the creamy beige color. Bought 2 hats from Ardenes on my lunch break at work. Thought it was better getting the pompom hat here than ordering it online for way more.

Finally got around to starting a purikura book to put my photos in. I've just been stuffing it in a little box. ^^;; These are all the stickers from the last 4-5 years~

My Arashi "Scene" concert goods arrived! The seller was so kind as to give me a free flyer of Nino's new movie. T-T (JE sellers have been giving me a lot of Nino freebies lately lol <3) The Sho items are bought for my friend's upcoming birthday/Xmas present. This is just the first batch, I'll be getting more soon before the concerts are over. ;P

That's all for today! I still have my Liz Lisa dress + top coming in soon so that will be my next post! It's all from my October buys, so for the month of November I won't be online shopping at all. Other than neccessities or the occasional small accessory. Gotta save up money, especially since I'm a full-time student now and working only weekends. Not much money coming in. T^T

I can't believe I start my first day of college tomorrow morning... *terrified* Please wish me luck everyone! >.< I'm so scared 'cause I literally don't know anybody. It's like a first step into real life right now and I'm so insecure lol. My school is Blanche Macdonald and I'm going in for Fashion Merchandising. My stereotypical image is that the classes will have a lot of preps/catty girls so... Let's hope that's not the case! Ah... Don't wanna go...! Everyone tells me I'll be fine but that doesn't help the nerve-wracking feeling. XD