Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Small Make-Up & Hair Tutorial~Hime-kei

These are the materials I used for the make-up~
The Oriental Gold BB Cream
Eyelash Curler
Rimmel Brown Eyeshadow Shades
Bellapierre White Sparkle Powder
Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara
Pencil Eyeliner (From Dollar Store XD)
Top False Lashes from Daiso
Bottom Lashes (Value Pack Japanese Brand)
Liquid Eyeliner from Daiso
Rimmel Vinyl Stars Lipgloss
Black &White Eyelash Glue
GEO Honey Wing Lenses

Starting off~! Make-up less face!

Starting with putting on your lenses first if you use any! (Mine is GEO Honey Wing) I applied the BB Cream all over my face evenly (over your lips too, to hide the color. A "technique" I learned from Momoeri). It gives you fairer skin and really brightens up the complexion! Also makes your skin feel so soft after wards~ On the lid, it comes with a pink cream that can be used for lip color or slide on as blush. Which I used for both.

 If you skipped the color from BB Cream, you can just use your lip gloss and it should give you pale nude lips. I did both so there's a little bit of pink visible. Try getting gloss that are light colored too, instead of the harsh ones, unless you prefer the darker look. Or you could just settle with the BB Cream color and skip the gloss, but it won't have the shininess. Just a more natural look~

Dark to medium brown eyeshadow and just lightly dust it over the end of your eyelids. In a circular shape~ Pencil eyeliner for the top eyelids. You can use black eyeshadow but I chose this as a substitute. I don't normally use eyeshadow often either unless they're really nude colors. After that, it's optional but lined my upper lid again with black liquid liner this time. So basically just going over the previous pencil one. I'm kinda piling up the blacks. XD

Curl lashes and add on mascara to the top/bottom! I have to use 2 or more coats because my lashes are long but they're really thin. =S It also doesn't curl so easily either, that's why I'd have to curl it later about 3 more times. Dx *needs to invest in a heating curler*

Pencil eyeliner again to the bottom and top edges of your eyes. I lined them completely to both tips. Normally I only line at the outer tip/edge and stop halfway in the middle.

Next I used Bellapierre's sparkle dust powder. By adding water to it, you can turn it into liquid eyeliner, which I used on the bottom to create that silver lining look. It was so hard searching for an actual silver eyeliner that's not pencil so I settled with this, cause it has multi-purposes! Since mine is white, you can't really use it for other stuff (other than eye make-up), but it can be turned into lip gloss, blush or nail polish.

Add on some fake lashes for the top and bottom, then you're done! I really love using the black glue I bought from the Daiso. It acts as the lashes' glue AND liner. (more thick black lining LOL) Also looks natural without the white glue clumps. If you use it on the bottom lashes, it can look pretty in the end, but turn out messy at first. It's not hard to clean up though. Just rub it away as opposed to using make-up remover. You gotta do it immediately though or it'll get hard to remove. This time however, I used white glue for the bottom lashes to avoid hassle. XD

Make-up finished! Next up is hair! My straightener is one of those Coroliss(?) ones where you can straighten and curl your hair. I curled the 2 pieces on each side of my face outwards instead of in.

After curling, I mess it up a bit so that it doesn't look too perfect and flat. It's like perfect ringlets. XD
We want it messier and voluminous! My hair is already... extremely long. ^^;; More than my extensions lol, but I still added it on to make it thicker. My extensions are the one-piece (not sure if it's enough to count as a half-wig), synthetic and curled-style.

 Tease the top of your hair like crazy for more volume. I also hairspray a hella lot too.

Yes, I use Bumpits to keep the bouffant in my hair. Many people don't like it and prefer making a "rat's nest" and true, it is frustrating because it makes your head shaped weird. To fix that you just gotta have a lot of tolerance with teasing, re-curling and hair-spraying your hair to perfect the shape. When you're done, add in a bow, ribbon, hairband, you name it! Any hair accessory to complete the look~

And it is finished! =D Hime-style~


Items Used Here:
 Liz Lisa Dress (Imitation)
 Earrings (Mimosa)
 Marie Antoinette Necklace (Made from real crystals/pearls, bought from the Versailles Palace)
Bracelet (Sweet & Co.)
Hair Bow
Bow Heels (Bought from a Chinese store and re-customized by me)
Diamond Ring
Rhinestone Ball Ring

Thank you for reading my first tutorial! ^___^ PS. I will be doing a giveaway when 100 followers are reached!


  1. Omg this is sooo cute!! It's really professional too ^^ <3
    Thankyou very much for sharing~!

    I hope you dont mind me asking but where did you get your bottom lashes??

  2. Im speachless! You look like a princess!!!


  3. i love your outfit and hair & make-up also! ♥

  4. Such a nice tutorial! love your hair & your so pretty (:

  5. You are the cutest thing ever! <3
    And those lenses look amazing on you. I have them too, but they don't look that good on me :P

  6. @Naomi: Thank you! Haha no way, it's my first amateur tutorial. XDD;;
    Oh, the lashes I bought it here where I live. =) It's not really a "big" Japanese brand but came in more of a value pack. Necessities like these I usually buy at shops here instead of online unless it's cheaper. x)

    @Desire: Thank you! ♥

    @Cassandra: Really, thank you so much! T.T

    @alina: Thanks a lot! ♥

    @Tanja: Thank you ♥ I hope it's somewhat useful for people. XD;;

  7. @CHIU: Thank you so much! ^v^ ♥
    They can't look that bad on you! =O
    I really love the Wing series because they're somewhat natural and fitting as opposed to the more dramatic look like Barbie and King Size. I might try those sometime, but it might seem weird since my eyes are already big. XD

  8. you look super amazing ~ thanks for the tutorials! <3

  9. Wow, your hair, makeup, and outfit all work really well together. You look so cute! :-)

  10. @FASHION ICE: Thank you!! =D

    @Sakie and Thomas Gantz: Thank you very much~! ♥