Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shops, Meet-up & Chilling Down Vancouver/Richmond~

Before I drop dead on my bed to sleep, I'll just quickly blog about my day today shopping! Met up with Katrina for the first time (new gyaru AND JE fan buddy)!

The boots I ordered from my previous post finally arrived and the Liz Lisa imitation vest! By JOYLIFE, supposedly a Japanese imitation brand but it's actually Chinese from what I could see of the original retail price tag. x) The quality isn't as good, but overall not bad at all. Prefered paying $45 for it than $90+ for the original. Of course I bought another foxtail. XDDD Asian stores are starting to sell them now, but pretty expensive! This one I got for $28 at Aberdeen; close to my other white tail I purchased off Ebay but it's smaller. I didn't wanna leave the malls until I got something furry. =P

All items here are from Daiso~ The lashes really looked like something Sakurina-chan would wear so I got them as well as Katrina. x) Needed glue and lip gloss too, had to put back the eyeliner 'cause I didn't have enough money. -.-;; Even when I desperately needed new pencil eyeliner. The one I've been using forever from the Dollar Store is just crap now.

Purikura~!! We went to the ones in Parker Place where I took them with Emy/Annii last time. Chose the booth that we didn't try before and I REALLY loved the results. The $10 I took with the other girls are better because of the nice lighting/photoshopping but this one had shiny glitter on the photos! You can't see it on the scan though... x( It was also a more recent Ageha machine with the models advertising and inside had 2 benches, so it's perfect for big groups!

3rd photo, I look so fat... Dx
4th, once it started counting down, I could not decide between a smile or grin so it just looked crooked here. ^^;;
Wtf? LOL I still dunno how I could totally mis-position myself like that. Maybe because of my closed eyes...

Original picture of the Liz Lisa vest... I'm thinking of buying that dress too but I got another one instead. ;D *planning to buy all 3 patterned ones* The middle top is newly released, I managed to see it in person at some stores down Vancouver today... Mirai is reserving me one! And the last coat (Beige) is currently on it's way to me. FINALLY have a new winter trenchcoat that's thick/warm~

Other than that, my Arashi concert goods are also arriving next week! <3 Aw... I feel like I shopped so much this month. T___T

Okay everyone, good night!!

Thank you for reading~


  1. Hello,
    I'm new to your blog, haha.. =)
    Awesome new purchases you got and the purikura are cute, too. ^^
    Sweet blog btw..

  2. I love your new vest, boots and fox tail! *-*
    I'm a new reader btw, loving your blog :3

  3. love the vest, shoes and fox tail and the eyelashes!! so pretty!


  4. i wanna have the vest too. its so cute : (
    but i dont know where...
    your so cute !!!

  5. ohhhhhhhhhhh kathy♥
    we have failed deeply hehehe

    loveeee the vest!!!!!!!
    and omg you got the shoes!!! so cute
    model them!!!!!!!

  6. i just looove all your purchases!!♥ those boots are so incredibly cute, i was so close to buy similiar when i ordered from yesstyle... now i regret i didn't buy them 'cause they look so good! ;_; but please enjoy about them for me too haha XD♥

  7. so much cuteness!! >w<
    love those boots and vest!!

  8. kathy so cute purchases!
    those boots are absolutely pretty and that vest is way too cute~♥♥ (*^O^*)
    i love your outfit for purikura!

  9. OMG! I'm totally in love with your new boots~♥! I'm a little jealous, coz in my country we haven't clothes like this in shops (all is gray and gals less) :<
    Also I loved your purikura shots! You are so so so cute *^__^*