Wednesday, October 20, 2010



Umm... Major camera-whoring below! XDDD You can really get carried away when you're bored lol.
For my hair, I recently started putting in the blonde extensions from back when I WAS blonde a year ago. Didn't want to waste it since it was really expensive~ >_<;; And now that my hair is a lighter color, I thought it would match. It was sort of inspired by Kumiko's half and half hair. If I wore them when my color was dark brown close to black, I think it might seem too... "scene-ish"? You know that popular trend where all the girls dye their hair black on top and have bleach blonde underneath?

 For some reason in the 2nd photo here, it kinda reminded me of one of Nishino Kana's single cover~ XP

A note to anyone who likes fox tails but are a bit worried about actually wearing them, they're not bad at all! I was hesitant at first too but now I wear it out so many times; people don't really care or notice. They might look/glance but that's it. It doesn't really attract those "rude stares"~ Young girls (or even kids) thought it was cute. Bitchy girls will most likely have an indifferent look. It's not mean or appreciating, just... a blank face. The most I had was a group of 3 old Chinese women, 1 grandma who was pulling on her daughter's arm (she looked 40), pointing at me wearing a tail on my skirt, chatting away in rapid Chinese LOL! I just turned back and they quickly stopped talking. Does anyone remember about the superstitious Chinese belief of foxes from my other post? XD;;

This is a better pic of my hair color in warm lighting~ You can notice the extensions better, used as highlights. Thankfully it got darker within a week, as opposed to when it was first done. It looked too orange! Dx

And a random pic of my lazy cat, Karu, sleeping next to the Liz Lisa bag. =P It's so fun to bug him lol!

Yesterday, my mom had a day off so we went all over Burnaby and Vancouver to shop. It was complete cheap shopping for me, all I did was go bra hunting cause that was what I needed for awhile lol. Not those cute, cheap ones that get worn out easily, but the $40 max push-up ones... It's definitely more simplistic in style but they're REALLY nice~ o.o Bought it at La Senza (I heard this store in the UK was quite expensive? =O)

My mother was apparently desperate to buy a new Louis Vuitton purse, so we went to the store in Holt Renfrew AND Burrard street. There we were served by the sweetest Japanese lady, Hiroko-san. She was so polite and reserved~ I didn't know she was Japanese until halfway through when conversing with her manager. We started practicing my conversational knowledge while my mom was still debating on purses. XDD She told me I was quite good so far, but I felt like it was so bad and embarrassing. ^^;;  Then we started talking about Shibuya and how I would have so much fun there 'cause it's for the "youngin's" 8D, she told me, my mom would definitely enjoy Ginza and recommended some affordable places there lol.

This was what she ended up buying, although I still thought the bigger version of it was better. (likes big purses). The one below is my bag/wallet set from this year's birthday that mom got me. =3 <3 I feel like I owe her too much lol.

Because some readers expressed interest, I will be taking photos of my room for the next post! Apparently there was one who was surprised with the cleanliness from a photo. >D

Thank you for reading~


  1. flawless make-up & love the lenses! xx

  2. Great inspiration for bigger/curvier gals.

  3. @Desire: Thank you as always ♥

    @Anon: Thank you, I guess? XD;;
    I'm not really big/curvy myself though~

  4. Loved this post!

    Your hair colour looks great and your make-up is so lovely! ♥ I also like your outfit, those thights and boots look perfect together~

    Haha I'm kinda fed up with everyone staring at my foxtail... XD I mean they just don't get what it is, I don't think very many ppl in Finland know about the tale.


  5. @chinsa: Haha, I think cause we're like the land of Chinese/Asian people here. XD That's actually kind of good they dunno then! If they stare and KNOW about the tale, it's most likely NOT a good thing lol. They basically think you're a home wrecker. =P Do the people just look at your tail or give you rude stares? (I'm constantly analyzing looks now >D)

    But thank you very much! ♥ I really do love the tights and boots together. It doesn't seem too "hookerish" like some people think when wearing actual fishnet stockings.

  6. love the outfit!!:D u are so cute


  7. Hi! I was wondering what circle lenses you are wearing? I need a good pair of brown lenses, mine looks green, hehe.

    Lovely blog btw!


  8. @Cassandra: Thank you as always! ♥

    @Tare: I'm wearing the Honey brown ones from Wing series. ^^ Thank you~!

  9. I really like your make up!
    what are the lenses you're wearing?

  10. cute post~~
    your makeup is flawless. so pretty~ and your cons show up so well on you.
    i had honey wing lenses but they didnt really show much on me.

    like your outfit. love those boots! your cat is so sweet, sleeping like

    I was thinking of getting the lv your mum got. I prefer the bigger one too. but guess this one is more cute~~


  11. @Chiara: Thank you! I'm wearing the Honey one from Wing series~

    @kalai: Thank you very much~ ^o^
    I love these lenses; would like to try the King series but I think it might be too big for me. XD My eyes will look freakishly huge lol.

    The big one was better! XD But the smaller was more recommended since she doesn't put a lot of items in her bag and needed something more compact. The con is that the handle isn't long enough to be a shoulder bag. =(

  12. I'm answering kinda late but no, people don't stare it in a mean way (or at least i haven't noticed them doing it like that) but they just keep on asking what the hell is it. XD some people have said it's cute though~

  13. That's ok lol~
    Oh well it's not so bad then, they're just curious! =3 Maybe you could somehow start a new fox tail trend over there? ;D