Sunday, October 24, 2010

Finally Got My Nails Done~! *o*

 I went to get my nails done yesterday! *o* First time doing 3D nails at a salon and its been a long while since I went to one. I was getting fed up with those glue-on nails.

(reference pic)

We went to a small Vietnamese salon where my mum knew everyone there so we can get it for cheap. XD The girl who did mine was really nice/talented (Shayla), and around my age too so it was easy to understand each other. I used a reference pic from Glam Nails and she tried making it as similar as possible since they're still kinda new to 3D art. Apparently I'm the first customer who has asked for such bling-ed up nails lol. Usually people who go there want simplistic stuff and ask for a couple of fingers with flowers, mine was all 10 with crystals so it took about 3+ hours. I had like at least 20 pictures taken from different people for advertisements and their album pics 8D It was so fun! 

In the end it costs about $80-$100? Really not bad at all, but it's not as extravagant as many Japanese styles we've seen. Those go up to $200, but because this place didn't have all the massive materials or time to pile things on lol. They're not used to it as J-salons are, where that's what their designs are aimed at. Maybe later for Xmas I'll try Glam with a friend~ ^^

 This was my outfit for the day and bought new Uggs with Nordic patterns! (reason why I got them ^^;;) THEY'RE SO COMFY! It's not the usual wool inside but fur so it feels like they're inside house slippers when they're not. It's also light on the bottom so I don't have to drag my feet all the time like what Uggs make you do haha~


  1. i love them their so cute~ i'm thinking of getting mine redone now..

  2. Oh wow, they did a nice job! Nails are so expensive T_T

  3. those nails are really pretty and not to over the top so theyre pretty and those uggs are really comfy looking

  4. so cute and girly~ i like it much!

  5. Omg.... your nails are so beautiful!!! I love them! Next week I will also get new nails... finally!

  6. Beatiful Nails!! *___* wow! And nice boots! <3

  7. lovely nails she did a great job!!
    i wanna do my nails like that too but wow 3 hours ><'

  8. I love the nails!!!!
    So cute!
    I want them too!!!

  9. the nails are so awesome !!!
    and your outfit looks so cute !


    @Dolly: They really are... but worth it. =) Cheap $20 ones are just all airbrushing/french and I don't like it to be too boring lol.

    @Malice: They're seriously comfy. T.T You don't even need to wear them with socks and it won't be bad for your feet.

    @emi: It was ok, since I'm used to getting my nails + hair done for HOURS. XDD The only time I ever finish really fast is if I do simple airbrushing lol. (plus they had a tv =P)

  11. I love those boots! Please share where you got them?

  12. @Josephine: I got them at Winners~

  13. your nails are so beautiful i'm in love with them !!!

    and your boots too ♥

    i'm looking for same pattern since so long time çç
    do you know if winner have an online shop ? or something else to shop them (or some in this style) ?
    i'm from europe and i'm so depressed to don't find boots like that here T___________T