Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shops, Meet-up & Chilling Down Vancouver/Richmond~

Before I drop dead on my bed to sleep, I'll just quickly blog about my day today shopping! Met up with Katrina for the first time (new gyaru AND JE fan buddy)!

The boots I ordered from my previous post finally arrived and the Liz Lisa imitation vest! By JOYLIFE, supposedly a Japanese imitation brand but it's actually Chinese from what I could see of the original retail price tag. x) The quality isn't as good, but overall not bad at all. Prefered paying $45 for it than $90+ for the original. Of course I bought another foxtail. XDDD Asian stores are starting to sell them now, but pretty expensive! This one I got for $28 at Aberdeen; close to my other white tail I purchased off Ebay but it's smaller. I didn't wanna leave the malls until I got something furry. =P

All items here are from Daiso~ The lashes really looked like something Sakurina-chan would wear so I got them as well as Katrina. x) Needed glue and lip gloss too, had to put back the eyeliner 'cause I didn't have enough money. -.-;; Even when I desperately needed new pencil eyeliner. The one I've been using forever from the Dollar Store is just crap now.

Purikura~!! We went to the ones in Parker Place where I took them with Emy/Annii last time. Chose the booth that we didn't try before and I REALLY loved the results. The $10 I took with the other girls are better because of the nice lighting/photoshopping but this one had shiny glitter on the photos! You can't see it on the scan though... x( It was also a more recent Ageha machine with the models advertising and inside had 2 benches, so it's perfect for big groups!

3rd photo, I look so fat... Dx
4th, once it started counting down, I could not decide between a smile or grin so it just looked crooked here. ^^;;
Wtf? LOL I still dunno how I could totally mis-position myself like that. Maybe because of my closed eyes...

Original picture of the Liz Lisa vest... I'm thinking of buying that dress too but I got another one instead. ;D *planning to buy all 3 patterned ones* The middle top is newly released, I managed to see it in person at some stores down Vancouver today... Mirai is reserving me one! And the last coat (Beige) is currently on it's way to me. FINALLY have a new winter trenchcoat that's thick/warm~

Other than that, my Arashi concert goods are also arriving next week! <3 Aw... I feel like I shopped so much this month. T___T

Okay everyone, good night!!

Thank you for reading~

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Tour of My Bedroom~

This is a pic of my bathroom attached to the bedroom~ 2nd pic is of the walk-in mirror closet.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Finally Got My Nails Done~! *o*

 I went to get my nails done yesterday! *o* First time doing 3D nails at a salon and its been a long while since I went to one. I was getting fed up with those glue-on nails.

(reference pic)

We went to a small Vietnamese salon where my mum knew everyone there so we can get it for cheap. XD The girl who did mine was really nice/talented (Shayla), and around my age too so it was easy to understand each other. I used a reference pic from Glam Nails and she tried making it as similar as possible since they're still kinda new to 3D art. Apparently I'm the first customer who has asked for such bling-ed up nails lol. Usually people who go there want simplistic stuff and ask for a couple of fingers with flowers, mine was all 10 with crystals so it took about 3+ hours. I had like at least 20 pictures taken from different people for advertisements and their album pics 8D It was so fun! 

In the end it costs about $80-$100? Really not bad at all, but it's not as extravagant as many Japanese styles we've seen. Those go up to $200, but because this place didn't have all the massive materials or time to pile things on lol. They're not used to it as J-salons are, where that's what their designs are aimed at. Maybe later for Xmas I'll try Glam with a friend~ ^^

 This was my outfit for the day and bought new Uggs with Nordic patterns! (reason why I got them ^^;;) THEY'RE SO COMFY! It's not the usual wool inside but fur so it feels like they're inside house slippers when they're not. It's also light on the bottom so I don't have to drag my feet all the time like what Uggs make you do haha~

Wednesday, October 20, 2010



Umm... Major camera-whoring below! XDDD You can really get carried away when you're bored lol.
For my hair, I recently started putting in the blonde extensions from back when I WAS blonde a year ago. Didn't want to waste it since it was really expensive~ >_<;; And now that my hair is a lighter color, I thought it would match. It was sort of inspired by Kumiko's half and half hair. If I wore them when my color was dark brown close to black, I think it might seem too... "scene-ish"? You know that popular trend where all the girls dye their hair black on top and have bleach blonde underneath?

 For some reason in the 2nd photo here, it kinda reminded me of one of Nishino Kana's single cover~ XP

A note to anyone who likes fox tails but are a bit worried about actually wearing them, they're not bad at all! I was hesitant at first too but now I wear it out so many times; people don't really care or notice. They might look/glance but that's it. It doesn't really attract those "rude stares"~ Young girls (or even kids) thought it was cute. Bitchy girls will most likely have an indifferent look. It's not mean or appreciating, just... a blank face. The most I had was a group of 3 old Chinese women, 1 grandma who was pulling on her daughter's arm (she looked 40), pointing at me wearing a tail on my skirt, chatting away in rapid Chinese LOL! I just turned back and they quickly stopped talking. Does anyone remember about the superstitious Chinese belief of foxes from my other post? XD;;

This is a better pic of my hair color in warm lighting~ You can notice the extensions better, used as highlights. Thankfully it got darker within a week, as opposed to when it was first done. It looked too orange! Dx

And a random pic of my lazy cat, Karu, sleeping next to the Liz Lisa bag. =P It's so fun to bug him lol!

Yesterday, my mom had a day off so we went all over Burnaby and Vancouver to shop. It was complete cheap shopping for me, all I did was go bra hunting cause that was what I needed for awhile lol. Not those cute, cheap ones that get worn out easily, but the $40 max push-up ones... It's definitely more simplistic in style but they're REALLY nice~ o.o Bought it at La Senza (I heard this store in the UK was quite expensive? =O)

My mother was apparently desperate to buy a new Louis Vuitton purse, so we went to the store in Holt Renfrew AND Burrard street. There we were served by the sweetest Japanese lady, Hiroko-san. She was so polite and reserved~ I didn't know she was Japanese until halfway through when conversing with her manager. We started practicing my conversational knowledge while my mom was still debating on purses. XDD She told me I was quite good so far, but I felt like it was so bad and embarrassing. ^^;;  Then we started talking about Shibuya and how I would have so much fun there 'cause it's for the "youngin's" 8D, she told me, my mom would definitely enjoy Ginza and recommended some affordable places there lol.

This was what she ended up buying, although I still thought the bigger version of it was better. (likes big purses). The one below is my bag/wallet set from this year's birthday that mom got me. =3 <3 I feel like I owe her too much lol.

Because some readers expressed interest, I will be taking photos of my room for the next post! Apparently there was one who was surprised with the cleanliness from a photo. >D

Thank you for reading~

Saturday, October 16, 2010

"100+ Followers" ~ And the Winner is...

The winner for my 1st giveaway is Clover!
Thank you for participating everyone and I hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog.
Of course, there will be more giveaways in the future~ =)

Friday, October 15, 2010

New Hair, More Shopping and a Slight Rant?


I recently dyed my hair on Sunday, and it bugs me so much!! XD My hair was beginning to get pretty black so I was going to lighten it back to dark-medium brown. But then I saw Eki-chan's hair and which dye she used (L'OREAL from above). Decided to give it a try since her results were the light brown I really liked. And BAM, my after results is... reddish... orange? In the 2nd pic, it really looks that way because of the warm lighting. But even when I'm in normal fluorescent lighting as shown in the below pic, the top is SO orange. Dx From mid-down, I think the color is nice. At the crown, not so much. It's been a week and the color has faded more so it's not as bad as when I first finished. I'm hoping it'll darken even more next week. ^^;; The top color is just so hard to match with my clothes now...


Mom and I went down to Richmond again and I bought the above leggings 'cause I was looking for some to buy online, but it seemed too expensive with all the shipping just for socks, basically. The place I got it from is still so... sketchy. XD Store called MoonChii. The shop keeper is one of those older Chinese women who sells all these Japanese clothing brands right? Now usually if they're real, they sell it at crazy ass prices $100+; but her store, she sells them really cheap. Almost close to the prices you can buy online without shipping. The thing is all the items in her store are FAKE or that Taiwan brand which copies JP styles. Save for maybe 1-2 real items. The most I buy from that store are just accessories like my previous usamimi ears or Juicy Couture stuff because those are real.

I saw a pink pair of Liz Lisa shorts and decided to check it out, but next to the LL logo, there was a black "Size M" tag... Er, if I remember correctly, they don't have that. The sizes are typically listed on the price tag or "washing instructions" tag right? It looked like the logo was sewed over amateurishly too. I picked up these fur leggings and she immediately told me they were LL. I don't think that brand makes these (or at least, not recently?) She quickly flashed me the "tag", so I was just nodding along like, "ok, ok" lol. When I got out into the car later on and inspected it, the LL logo tag said, "LiyaLisa TM" LMFAO! WTH?! I didn't care if it was real or not from the start, I just wanted them (they were $30 btw), but lying to me and saying it's LL is kinda sad...

She treated me so nicely too 'cause she thought I was Japanese when I then told her I wasn't. She still thought I looked really Japanese, but after I told her that comment, I think I felt a change in attitude from her. Like before, she was sucking up and when I denied I was Japanese, she all of a sudden had a superior front and think I'm some naive girl who knows nothing about JP fashion or the country. So I said if I was Japanese, I'd rather go back home and buy the items there because it'd be cheaper. She intervened and said, "no it's not. You have to pay taxes" when taxes are included in the prices already, are they not? When you think about it, yea, you can get items cheaper online. But you have to be aware of fakes. Also depending, you get charged fees, shipping, commission etc. Didn't want to be all haughty and start an argument because I want to keep being THAT polite, so I just pretended to be ignorant and nod along. I checked online actually and it turned out the leggings I got were inspired by Yumetenbo but copied into Liz Lisa. A LOT of Taobao stores sell them as fakes. (That 2nd modeled pick above I actually took from Taobao. The checkered shorts you can see are similar to the pink one I saw). WOW...

She showed me the Fall/Winter catalog she had for Liz Lisa (now THAT was real LOL) and told me all the stuff she's ordering which should be coming in next week. Told me she'll message me when they arrive. She asked me about my white sweater and said that she saw it on sale for so much lesser. (around $40. Mine was $48+shipping so about $60 total) So yea she's trying to get me to buy from her because it's more convenient and cheap (no need to order and pay for fees). I slipped in that I'm worried about imitation items but she assured me that all the items are real... Well then why was my leggings and those shorts on the rack, fake? She's telling me about how her items come from HK+JP. I asked her where, she just vaguely told me she buys directly from the companies in those countries so I don't have to worry. They ALL look like Taobao or Ebay items. -.- I wonder if I should pop in next week and inspect the new Liz Lisa clothes to see if they're real or not. Her items are apparently always sold out, but in my opinion, it's either because the Chinese girls are dumb and want to boast about their "Japanese brand items" without knowing it's fake or they don't care and just want cheap items (like me). But I'll only go "so far" for fakes~ Should I point out or complain about my leggings to her? XP

Besides all that lol. I bought some new cute underwear from one of my fave Asian lingerie stores~ =3 They also say their stuff is from France but I think otherwise. Ah well, I don't care, it's just cute, cheap underwear. If it's branded like Ravijour or something, then that's a different story.

I was in desperate need of a sling bag nowadays, because my GUESS one, the shoulder sling is too thin and the bag gets really heavy. I needed a smaller or lighter one so it doesn't hurt my shoulders. Decided to buy this because it looked cute. Was bigger than what I intended to buy but... XD No it's not a Louis Vuitton fake. I'm totally against that, because big brands like those are one of my loves. Being a fashion student too, it's just against my pride lol. The pattern is just similar, but doesn't say LV, nor intends to be a copy, so it's a pass! =3

On my break from work, I FINALLY got these leggings I've been meaning to buy, but was too lazy too. XD;; Only $5 each~ Bottom pic is of me quickly wearing one of them!


After my last post on everyday_gyaru, people suggested I do something with my eyebrows. So I went ahead and tried to shape it more. Now it's thinner with an arch and colored in brown. =3 Is it ok? Last image is the change in comparison to the 2 top pics.

Once again, thank you for reading my blog everyone! Drawing and winner announcement for the giveaway is tomorrow! =D

ps. Yes Emy, most of the stuff here was covered by my mom but I still spent money on some items! XDDD I ALMOST went through with our promise, but I think I will start my shopping ban next month in November LOL! I'm going to school anyways so I won't be shopping a lot. =P