Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spending More Money Down Richmond Today~!

My day off from work today and mom came home early so we went down to Richmond to shop! I went cheap shopping. XD Basically got necessities and accessories that I've been wanting. The expensive items were covered by my mom except for the new winter boots. T^T I was going to say it made a dent in my bank account but... because it was only $100, that's like my first paycheck so it's not so bad. XD
ps. Hilarious story put short but... I accidentally shredded that first paycheck too, LOL!

It's about time I remembered to buy hair scrunchies! The pompon ones from Daiso, and got some socks there too~ Normal ones and thigh-highs. Richmond stores in Parker Mall FINALLY got usagi-mimi headbands in. I went last month with Emy and Annii and couldn't spot any at all. The first store I went into sold them for like $28 each because they're branded. >_<;; They looked nicer, but were really rounded. I wanted the more pointy tip so I got both these 2 for only $10 at the store few doors down. XD My mom bought Juicy Couture sandals there too for $29. That's so cheap! I love that store, even though it has real and fake items mixed together. The accessories and other items are more affordable though.

Decided to try out BB Cream for the first time, bought at the new Magic Queen store in Aberdeen Mall. I chose the Oriental Beauty one from Eki's recommendation. It was like $50 with tax but mother covered that. XD That's actually not a bad price for BB Cream here... When you but it online it's already about $30 + shipping ne? (Depending on the cream).

These boots... <333 I was going to buy over-the-knee boots off Ebay but I couldn't resist these suede ones! ALDO always has gorgeous boots (and this time I remembered to buy flat ones so I can actually WEAR them) XD. They're originally thigh-high boots but can be rolled down to over or just under the knee. My mom freaked out because it was too high LOL! She was like, "You look like a hooker!" So I rolled them down, "Is this better then?" "..." =P When they're high up, it really should be worn with micro skirts or short shorts.

I started wearing the headbands halfway through shopping~! Here's my outfit and lots of camera-whoring. x3 (I apologize haha)

That's all for now! I'm still waiting on all my online purchases which should be coming in next week! Other than that, I don't think I'll be shopping till November-Xmas. I don't even wanna take out and use my bank card anymore. Dx


  1. such cute headbands! You look so cute~
    Is that your real hair? Gosh its so lush & thick *jealous


  2. I like your close-ups!! You look like a doll :3

  3. @Desire: Thank you~!! x3
    In the last pic where I'm front of the store's mirror is my real hair. XD It's actually longer than my extensions, but I still put them in to make it more thick/voluminous.

    @laf-agenda: Thank you so much ♥ x)

  4. ahh, ok. It looks really cute & pretty~


  5. NEE daiso has moko moko scrunchie!? i went all the way to japan town to get mine (1 hr away) for like $6. i hope they still have 'em! :D