Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Fall/Winter Mix Coordinations~

Here's 6 co-ordinations with the current Fall/Winter clothes I have. I have some others but they're either too basic (like a top and skirt/pants with not many matching accessories) or too flowery so it's quite Spring/Summer-ish. I can still wear it but it doesn't fit this season's theme. XD I'm trying to get more stuff with brown/gray shades or fur. And a vest! To wear with my tops or dresses, I think that would make it more warm-looking.

Only wore pretty much the same clothes but mix-matched with different styles. Please let me know which one is your favorite! Feedback is very much accepted! =D Please excuse my face too lol. It's late at night and I just wanted to show the clothes instead of a full hair/make over.


List of Items Used:
White Sweater - Liz Lisa
Brown Tank - Aeropostale
Boots - ALDO
Brown Skirt - Liz Lisa
Jean Shorts - Liz Lisa
Fur Poncho - Liz Lisa
Hat - Liz Lisa
Brown Purse - GUESS
White Fox Tail

Annnnd remember when I said I would stop shopping? LOL!! Just ordered ANOTHER pair of boots. XD My 3rd pair in the last 2 months. But I only got it because it's super cheap ($39), with no shipping/fees. I just gotta go down Vancouver to pick it up~ It's these ones:

They're really similar to last year's Liz Lisa collection that I've been searching ever since. These ones are so much more affordable so I got them. It's about 7.5cm high... But I think I might be able to handle it with extra padding and not walking too often. The heel isn't that thin like pin needles so it can't be too bad... For any girls out there that can walk in high heels quite perfectly for long periods of time, I'd love to hear how you do it! T_T I've practiced walking in them a lot, apparently not enough though~

So now I need some minor accessories. Major clothing items I still gotta buy is a vest, long coat and winter dress (which I'll get around Christmas). DreamV has been having a lot of new dresses that are Liz Lisa-styled coming out! Too bad the shopping service will make it so expensive... ^^;;


 I'd also like to THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 70 FOLLOWERS! I sincerely appreciate it! m(_ _)m


  1. I really like the outfit with the skirt and the ponco! So cute! And those shoes you bought...! <3___<3 I'm jealous!

  2. I love your outfit.
    So cute! Thanks for sharing.
    I'm jealous of everything. D:

  3. the first outfit is my favourite!! so lovely♥♥

    and the shoes you bought... so lovely too! *u*

    i'd like to learn to walk with heels for a long time too, my feet get tired so quickly. except in my heeled cowboy boots, one day i walked the entire day with them, was in a concert with them and took them off in the midnight or something like that and they still didn't feel THAT bad haha! they're my favourite shoes ever!

    lol what an interesting comment XD

  4. omg kathy! so so cuuuuute~~♥♥♥ (*^O^*) you did awesome coordinates with those clothes. my favourites are 1st, 3rd and 6th (*3*)!
    waaaaaaah~~ the fur boots! i want similar~ DreamV has also some nice ones. i just made order for DreamV some time ago ^o^

    i usually walk pretty long days in heels.. i don't know how i make it XD usually my feet are sore after the day but.. i just have to bear it~~ ^U^ haha

  5. My favorite is the first and third one ! :D

    Tip for heels are investing in some good gel inserts ! They will make walking in high heels a bit easier ~ But no matter what you do, walking in high heels for long periods of time will hurt your feet.
    Also, a chunky/wedge heel or heeled shoes that have a bit of support on the bottom of them (like aren't flat, but have more padding on the bottom like in the picture you uploaded of the brown furred heel) are more comfortable then compared to a spike heel without any support.

    Also, any time you are wearing boots with a heel, wear socks with them ! That helps too. C:

    loveee the liz lisa goodies!!

    omg.. boots.. i want T~T so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. @ewerty_: Lol, thank you so much~ =D

    @Exuvalia: XDD Thank you!!

    @Tasja: Thank you! It's a shame they don't completely fit... Dx

    @chinsa: Thank you~ ♥
    Same! I can usually only handle low to no heel. About 6cm would be my max, and it would be better if the heel was more fat than the thin stiletto ones. X_x With low to none, I can walk all day perfectly fine. But with my cowboy-type boots from previous posts, I think it's 3-5cm...? And it's comfy until I start running in them, then I'll start to feel the numbing pain after walking more. Whether it was running a little to catch the bus or across the sidewalk etc. XD I need to overall take it slow and not power walk so much/fast. As for super high heels, I have to barely walk at all lol.

  8. @zhizhi: Thank you sooo much ♥♥ I'm glad you liked them! DreamV does have really cute ones! But they're too high for me... XD And these are cheaper lol. You're so lucky! 'Cause heels from that site and Liz Lisa are usually 7-14cm high right? They KILL seriously. XD After about an 1hr of non-stop walking, it hurts. Even if I just stand and not move, it'll still hurt so I gotta sit down often. =_=;

    @Kimishiru: Thank you!! And for the advice too~
    I've been using those Dr. Scholl's gel inserts for almost all my high-heeled boots but they don't work... Dx Even after 1hr I start feeling the pain kicking in. My heel doesn't hurt, it's usually the front ball part of my feet. I seriously wonder how girls wear heels even higher than that for nearly half the day and seem perfectly fine! Yup, I wear socks with them. ^^ Sometimes thick ones with extra cushion but then my toes get crushed. Dx The heel support advice was very useful, I didn't know that! Thanks~ <3

    @EMY: LOL! I'm technically still allowed to shop! XD But not much and only for cheap stuff~ $50 the limit! So no more online shopping, only in the malls here... Most I'll get is jewelery or accessories now. ($10 shorts, $5 tank tops lol!!) Either only use cash or get my mom to cover but I'm refraining from touching my bank account. T~T Instead of those boots, you should get your thigh-highs! Since that's what you need more and it should cost more too~ =P

  9. OMG you´re so cuuuuuuuute*---*
    Loved the clothes +acessories+everything

    Liz Lisa = Love*--*

  10. I love the poncho its really pretty!! And so are u!! :D


  11. @Vicky: Thank you so much ♥ *o*

    @Cassandra: Thank you! The poncho is so warm and furry lol~

  12. Vancouver? Does that mean you live in BC? If so that's very exciting, I live in BC too. All the other blogs I read are from Europe or Australia so it's nice to find a blog I love that I can relate to more. (:

  13. Wow, which store was it with the fake Liz Lisa ?

  14. Hey, for the boots from Lovely Angels, is it good quality and comfortable :)?