Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Selling Some Gyaru-Related Stuff!!!

I am still desperately trying to get rid of these items. Please comment if you're interested!

Liz Lisa Dress ~ $40 USD
*note that first image of this post is NOT the same dress as pictured from the original item. I'm only using it in comparison because the styles are very similar. Just so you can see what it's like modeled~

Popteen Magazine March 2009 ~ $6.50 USD

ALDO Leather Boots ~ $80 USD
Size 9 US/39 

 Korean Purple Top ~ $5 USD

Ageha (Linosua) Heart Heels ~ $40 USD
S (22.5cm-23.0cm) About a size 5-6 US

 La Senza Night Top ~ $10 USD
Size Large US


  1. I'm interested in the La Senza night top and Linousa heels, but I was wondering what sizes are they in? Thanks. :)

  2. Hi Keiko! (I hope you see this comment since I don't think Blogger has notifications) >_<

    The La Senza top is a size Large and shoes are S (22.5cm-23.0cm) About a size 5-6 US~ ^^

  3. I would soo buy some things here, but I live in Sweden, so.. yeah.

    Cute blog, btw ♥

  4. Thank you!! ♥

    Oh and I actually ship worldwide lol. Sorry for not stating~ ^^;;

  5. Hi! lovely blog, i am interested in purchasing the two cawaii magazines, i am from australia so how much would shipping cost?

  6. @Rhianna: Ah, shipping will be expensive since you're internationally...
    $32.00 US (Small Packet International Air) or $14.00 US (Small Packet International Surface)

  7. thats ok, can i purchase the two cawaii? are they in good condition like no tears or ripouts? :)

    p.s email is

  8. i am SO sad those heels are one size too small for me..WAAH where did you buy them?