Friday, September 17, 2010

My Liz Lisa Dress Arrived!

I was so looking forward to checking my afternoon mail today and discovered the dress that my friend (from the same fan-subbing team) ordered has arrived! Arisa does a small shopping service and because we worked together for awhile, she was generous enough to offer discounts and the lowest prices. X//D

This dress was sold out everywhere at the time and so I resulted to buying it from Shibuya 109's site~ Paid the original retail price which was about ¥6,195 + the Western Union fee to send money to her, so it came out about $90 CAD? Because this took so long to order and Arisa accidentally forgot about it, she kindly covered all fees/shipping so that was all I had to pay. T~T (I would've had to pay internal shipping, the provider in JP to her, then from her to me.) Way too nice!!

The best thing about using that site is that I'm assured it's real and you always get a free shopping/tote bag with it. XD (I really like collecting shopping bags or totes of my fave brands. Have so many from LV, GUESS, MA*RS etc.)

Arisa even included a cute little note and an Arashi flyer <333 It kinda got battered in the post though. Dx

In the 2nd picture, yes that is only ONE side of my closet LOL~ It's gradually getting too full to handle anymore stuff. I also have a bigger dresser outside in my room for more average > crappy clothes, pajamas, underwear and accessories... That's also overflowing. X_x

Quickly put the whole set together that I originally planned to buy. It was inspired by the Liz Lisa staff pictures.

Can't wait till next week when more items come in! >3< About 5 more to go!


  1. omg kathy i love it<333333333

  2. kathy (・ω・)ノ♥ that LL dress is way too cute! fits perfectly for you~~

    haha yes it's really nice to get those shoping bags ^o^ they are useful! i once purchased liz lisa earrings in shibuya 109 net shop and got huge similar shopping bag~ i thought it was funny i got so big bag when i just ordered small item~~ XD

  3. @Emy: Thank you <33333 =D

    @Cassandra: Thanks a lot! ^__^

    @zhizhi: Thank you!! <3
    LOL yea that's what I thought when I started reading your comment. XD But that's still good, it's cute anyways and becomes a useful tote~!

  4. Hi! It's setou from livejournal. Thanks for posting your lovely blog!! <3

    OMG, that dress is to die for! And your closet? omg.. never tell me where you live or i'm going to have to break an entry LOL <3

  5. Hi! =D

    Lol thank you~ ♥ There's way too much stuff in my closet. I gotta start renovating that 'cause right now it's all messy with junk. XD

  6. I love the dress! It's so princess style<3 Lovelovelove.
    It suits you so well!~

  7. omg <3333 your closet looks so cute xD I'd love to steal some *laughs*

    the dress looks adorable on you :3

  8. hey, whats the site you brought the dress from? I am a big fun of Liz Lisa~ Please tell me know where I cann get those beautiful items.