Saturday, September 11, 2010

Liz Lisa ~ Tokyo Girls Collection 2010 A/W

I think I want to get a fox tail now since they seem to be a great fashion accessory. XD Usually I don't like using real animal fur or anything like that... But then again I have an LV set and it's leather (cow hide) so... that would be hypocritical. I'm ok if it's fur that doesn't really "hurt the animal" but... this might be fine.

Still debating on whether I should get that floral poncho in the 5th image! It might be too flowery for me to wear though~ Dresses/shirts with lots of patterns like that are fine but once you get into the ponchos it will stand out A LOT! I'm lovin' the 2nd jacket. It's similar to last years (or even is) with more fur? It was sold out so fast in 2009 that I couldn't get it.

My Liz Lisa dress is on it's wayyy! *so excited* along with my shorts, brown skirt bought from Emy and I'm just ordering another sweater+hat today! So most of my items should be here this week/next week. Definitely will post my shopping spree up once I get all of them! =D


  1. "I'm ok if it's fur that doesn't really "hurt the animal""

    Huh... I'm pretty sure that any kind of fur would hurt the animal. XD; I don't really see how it could be otherwise.

    Better to get fake fur to be safe, IMHO.

    Anyway, those are some adorable coords!! I love #1, #2, and #4.

  2. @Anon: Ah, I meant like... not really killing the animal, but sorta just cutting? Almost a haircut? XD Similar to how they re-use cut human hair~ (if that even happens)
    And when they take wool from sheep, that doesn't hurt them, does it? O.o

  3. If only they gave em "hair" cuts..thats not what they do,they kill the animal just for the purpose of making the clothing item

  4. @purplebottles1: That's not entirely correct. I know they don't do that for animals like sheep/llamas or alpacas. Since it's almost like recycling, where they just shave the wool off and again every time it regrows. That's why you sometimes see them short haired - bald. I'm mostly referring to the "hair-type furs" where it doesn't require killing animals. Just like how they cut horses' manes. But obviously if it's not just that and they need the whole body part or skinning the animal then yea...