Thursday, September 2, 2010

Liz Lisa Fall/Winter Collection 2010~

I finally got a job!!! OMG I'm so happy~ It's been a year and a half since I last worked. xP Now I can shop with a normal concious lol. To celebrate, I'm definitely going to buy a bunch of clothes; but I think I'll wait until I get my first paycheck. ;P
Because I've been kinda impatient with the Liz Lisa website and their current lack of updates besides a few pics of the upcoming collection here and there. I decided to hunt it down myself! There's another official online store that has started selling the items already. (I'm so jealous of those Japanese girls right now, cause they could just walk down to the local store and buy the new arrivals already. Most even got their MOOK booklets too.)

Similar ponchos to the one last year. I have the 2009 version and I think I like it better... The floral one is really cute but I think the pattern's too excessive for me. And the material is just like normal cotton/wool. The 2nd one is pretty much the same, except it has those brown hook buttons.
The top is beautiful! And the skirt is simple but I still like it! Looks better than the one featured last year (the one without the bow/pearls).
These hats are cuuute! And they look comfy too so I could buy them. I'm aiming for the white tuque that was worn by Fuji Lena last year, but I might get this one as well. The cap isn't too bad and can be worn loosely. I have a bad habit of always taking off my hats if they feel too annoying. Lots of reasons~
I WANT THE SCARF! Dx It's better than last years that came with the anniversary gift. Same colors and similar pattern but had a Liz Lisa logo. This one has little bows and Xmas pictures <3

I cannot decide which boots are better! They're all prettier than 2009's. The only one I liked from last year's was the ankle fur boots. Now these over-the-knee/thigh-high boots are more in fashion. Too bad the heel is 9cm. T_T I can't buy it since I won't be able to wear it. It's too high so I'd only use it during days that I won't walk much.
It's not listed yet, but I really like the winter coat Kanno Yui-chan is wearing here. It's not too flowery from what I see (compared to the other coat on the website). But the price is like 21,000 yen. XD
Annnd Liz Lisa came out with false lashes! They also have make-up from what I remember, but it's rarely listed online...
Anybody who's interested in seeing the rest of the items can go to this site:
Have fun! =D


  1. Oh my God!
    I'm such a huge liz lisa fan and I love the new stuff!^________^
    The boots are so cute!!! And thanks to you I found the stylife shop, which I didn't know before. So I will order through Celga!^^

  2. You're welcome! =D

    Ahhh I don't really recommend Celga though. XD It's the only official shopping service I've used, but stopped last year. The prices they charge are super expensive. Everyone told me is better. =)