Monday, September 20, 2010

Fox Tail Item/Trend Has Arrived~

My very first fox tail arrived today~! Lots of items will be storming in this week I believe lol. I bought this after seeing the recent Popteen scans~(think it might look good on my LV bag too, from pictures of Hollywood celebrities). I bought mine off Ebay from damco, who I REALLY recommend! They're also situated in Canada so shipping was lightning fast. Apparently the items are genuine so I'm assuming it's real fur? Although it was quite cheap though! Mine came out to $18.95 + $6 shipping. They have the most affordable prices and none of the tails go over $30 unlike other sellers.

It's so unbelievably soft! It feels a lot like real fur, but if you squeeze closer to the center it seems fake/stuffed... But then again they would have to remove the tailbone and stuff it or that be kinda scary lol. My cat and dog apparently finds it amusing. They won't stop trying to jump on it~ Dx

Mine's the white one, but I'll definitely be back to buy that gray one I originally wanted. It costs more than this one and I thought I should buy a cheaper one as a "test" first to see if I'd like it. White is pretty much easy to match with clothes too ne? =) Now I wanna get even more. XD It would make a fun collection but all I just need is the gray and I'm set for the season! Can't wait till every other item arrives because I have so many co-ordinations in mind!

Once my mom sees this, she's probably going to freak. She'll be all like, "Why'd you waste money on that??" or say, "Ew..." Then call me a whore. *nods* "Holi tinh" I believe that's how you spell it in Vietnamese? (Huli jing in Chinese) We all know the folklore tales of white fox demons (typically 9-tailed) disguising themselves as beautiful women to seduce men. If you dunno, it's very popular in Japanese and Chinese culture. Especially Hong Kong dramas. XD The term is still used today in Vietnamese/Chinese profanity for calling someone a home wrecker LOL! < Japanese ver. < Chinese ver. Also explains about one of my fave famous Chinese novels that depicts foxes. "Daji" (Duc Yi in Vietnamese), is the cruel fox spirit. A tale about how a beauty can be the downfall of an empire. It teaches you more about values than a more romantic story like, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". Also similar to "Journey to the West".


  1. Your white fox tail is so beautiful ! I have a pink one myself. The shopowner tried telling me it was real, haha. I think the legend is true though, your foxtail has seduced meh *o*

  2. Wow. Foxtail! I don't think I have enough guts to wear that in public. But it does look very nice. =)

  3. @VALENTINE †: Thank you!! =D Ahh pink ones are cute! I saw a purple and green one too, though I'm going to agree with you and think they might be faux. XD Unless they dyed the hair or something...
    Haha, fox demons aren't really supposed to be so nice sounding. The concept is still used today for "whores/sluts/home wreckers" that's why my mom freaks out if I say "They're pretty, I wanna be like them." Pfft... xP

    @Exuvalia: Thank you~!
    Really? To be honest, before buying it, I thought it would've been hard to wear in public too, but it's actually quite... mellow? XD Just regularly attaching it to jeans or a branded purse is fine! There's no need for guts~ ^^

  4. Hey Kathy :)

    I love your Blog and I think that you're really beautiful! :)

    These foxtails are so cute but I hope that they're not from real foxes (*T-T*)

    Greetings from Germany :3

  5. @Pippina: Thank you so much!!
    I'm not sure about the modeled ones, except for the 3rd pic, she's wearing a real fur fox tail. Apparently mine's real too... ^^;; It feels like it, but since it was cheap, it might be faux, unless they're not worth much in the first place? So yes, I'm kinda conflicted too because I don't really like animal cruelty... But I love items like these and LV. So when you think about it, those bags are real leather and made from animal skin etc... =/

  6. soooo cute!!

    i want to see u with those!

  7. @Kelly_konomi: Thanks a lot! ^^
    I'll probably wear them next week and take photos!

  8. I love that trend! I want a pink one 8) must have! :D

  9. I have been resisting this trend so far! It is everywhere in Japan right now, I feel like I can`t go into a store without seeing a foxtail of some sort. But the white one you bought is really pretty, very clean and simple. I like it!

    Just stumbled onto your blog. Love at first blog? Haha. I really like it! I`ll have to check back soon :)

    Hana @ Finding Tokyo

  10. aaa foxtails are so cute *o*♥ i have to get mine~

  11. your foxtail is so lovely!! i feel kinda uncomfortable wearing a big foxtail so mine isn't that thick haha. :D

    and lol i didn't know about the tale! thanks for telling, my foxtail is white too... XDD

  12. @Sanna: You should get one! =D They're so cute and fluffy~

    @HANA: Thank you! Haha I can imagine it being very popular over there during this season~
    I'm glad you like my blog, I think I'll be watching yours too since you're in Tokyo right now? I'd love to see current updates over there from someone's POV. ^^

    @zhizhi: You should get one! ♥ They're not expensive at all, I wanna get 2 more. XD

    @chinsa: Haha really? I don't think mine is so thick either... I wish it was more like Okaeri's in that pic, with a fluffy curve. My tail kinda hangs down unless I pull it up more. 8D
    Yup! =3 If you're into anime or have seen things like fox demon/spirit (kitsune) with 9 tails, the folklore relates to that.