Sunday, September 26, 2010

Final Shopping & Liz Lisa Haul~

All right! All of my items have arrived this week! In other words, NO SHOPPING AT ALL until at least November-December when I need to start buying presents and thinking about getting a winter coat. I was going to get one now but... the recent amount in my bank account really freaked me out. XD Plus I need to buy my Arashi concert goods, so Japan fashion clothes will have to stop for awhile. =( They can always be purchased later but the good are only available now (at it's regular price).

These are the Liz Lisa shorts I bought, sadly they do not fit. XD;; I expected as much. Asian shorts will usually not fit me unless they're elastic or other material besides denim. Because I lost a lot of weight compared to before, I actually fit these quite snuggly around the thighs/hip bones... (it wouldn't even go past my thunder thighs before). But the fat around my tummy and hips prevent the button from closing. T_T It's only an INCH away! Well... at least now I know I'm not that far from going down to a size 0-2 pants~ Instead of selling them, I'll use it as motivation to reach my goal weight LOL!

This skirt I've been wanting to get since last year! Bought it from dearest Emy (again XD), because she was selling it so cheap! x3

And these came in yesterday! Shipping was so fast for them, I'm definitely purchasing from the seller again~ The hat is from last year's Liz Lisa Winter collection but I think the one I have is fake. There's no tag or anything, but it's ok. It's only a hat so there's nothing really hard to copy or differences between imitation. Plus it was only about $13. x) The top is from this year's Fall/Winter items; it seriously looks so pretty! *O* Especially the fur! (I dunno if it's just the season, but I'm really buying more fur/fluffy items than usual).
The brown tank top is from Aeropostale. I seriously went ALL over the mall at work today searching for a simple brown tank just to wear it underneath that sweater and there's literally no place other than this that sells them. =_= I'm going, "It's winter... where are all the brown shade clothes?" I went to the stores that typically have dirt cheap tanks (Garage, Ardenes, American Eagle, Bootlegger, Bluenotes etc.) and they all had the colors of the rainbow BUT dark brown. Or a light toffee color. I never knew it was so hard searching for an $8 top. XD

Well that's all my shopping for this season, not until maybe after Xmas-January will I be shopping again! Just watch me break this rule lol. 'Cause I still will most likely be going to New York early 2011. Might not buy that much over there so the money to save up for the trip won't be too hard.

I currently have a lot of co-ordinations going on in mind and can't wait to show everyone soon! =3


  1. Where have you bought this white top from the last photo? It's so cute o(*▽*)o

  2. Oh, that's awesome!
    I love every one of your purchases.
    By the way, do you buy directly from Liz Lisa?

  3. Cute purchases! That skirt is adorable!!

    Good luck reaching your goal weight, though I seriously think you look fab anyway :)

  4. Oooh~ nice purchases! I really love the skirt! Good luck saving money~ I have the same problem XD


    too cuteeeeeee

  6. @Pippina: I bought it from HK Yahoo Auctions~ ^^

    @Exuvalia: Thank you!
    Nope; sometimes I order from the store through Shibuya 109 online if I'm really desperate for the item and pay retail price/fees. XD Or I know someone who gets stuff from the HK store~ I usually get the items from HK Auctions, Facebook groups or LiveJournal. If it's not on those sites then I'll resort to buying from the Japanese sites using a shopping service.

    @HANA: Thank you~! =)
    Ahh not yet! Lol, I still have 10-15 more lbs to go and it's complete~ I came a long way to get down to my current weight and won't be happy until I can fit into Asian size pants. XD

    @Dolly: Thank you~ And really, good luck to you too! Dx

    @EMY: LOL! Hey hey! You're not one to talk~ =P ♥

  7. ooooh too much cute stuff~<3 ^o^!!

    shorts are super cute, ribbons at back are really nice~~ and tha skirt!! damn i want it so much XD~<3 soooo cute. i tried to win it on Mbok auctions but couldn't make it ;_; must find it somewhere..

  8. @zhizhi: Thank you~!! ♥
    Oh! I just invited you to a group on FB that I THINK still sells that skirt. I asked her to order it for me before but couldn't buy it at the time, so she's still selling it probably. =) If you let her know I introduced you, you'll get a discount~ I just got mine from Emy because it was so cheap. XD

  9. I like the liz lisa clothes so much,they look so good on you.

    I want your hat so badly!!!!! can you tell me the seller's name so that I can purchase the hat and the clothes??? Thank you so much!!!

  10. @Anon: I'll actually make a new post soon explaining how I get my clothes and compiling a huge list of sellers. =) I hope you won't mind the wait. I can give you the link now, but the site might confuse you since it's all in Chinese. XD