Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Few Shopping and Just Another Day...

I'm so dead tired right now even though it's my day off but I thought I should blog. XD PS. THANK YOU FOR 13 FOLLOWERS! ♥

Yesterday on Labour Day, I briefly met up with Shawna because she bought my top~ She was so adorable and I was so surprised by her voice! Lol =P Somehow I pictured her having a more mature/deep voice but hers was so high and cute! I really wanna hang out with her and everyone else sometime! It's a shame that Shannon isn't here anymore. =( Maybe when I go to Japan sometime next year, I'd love to meet her, Ashley or any familiar gyarus as I venture Japan for the first time. I want to see my old friends, and meet up with friends I know online from the gyaru/anime/JE groups! x3

So after that I went to Playland (Amusement park event) with some friends and had so much fun! (random but my guy friend brought along some of his friends with us and 1 of them was seriously cute/nice. I have a little crush on him now and we just met. XDDD He was so sweet and even drove me home when I live in the middle of nowhere. I feel so guilty lol...) Well... kinda had fun... I came later because of work and didn't get to go on many rides. Since everyone else has already ridden them a bunch of times, they were getting dizzy/sick. Totally not worth my money, going on only about 10 rides. =\ If I knew that was the case then I would've only bought the gate pass for $20 instead of all day pass for $55 (then I wouldn't ride at all). Ah well... I'll go again with my cousins next month and they'll pay instead. =P I did however have fun winning game booths! (Thank God I bought a lot of cash), I never bring money to these things and the adults wouldn't lend me have too much so all I'd win were tiny prizes. I won a big Domo this time ♥ I wanted the even BIGGER version but the game was impossible. T~T

The turtle was my pathetic small prize. Dx I should've gone for more but the good prizes were either running out or too hard to win. So I just gambled a bit LOL! (Totally wasn't lucky).
I bought/am buying a few items for winter, now that I got a job.

Liz Lisa shorts and skirt. The skirt I'm getting is from Emy ♥

I'm going to order this top instead of the dresses I've been wanting because I need warm items. Trying to coordinate it like that mannequin so I'll go cheap shopping and just buy a brown tank top for inside... the skirt can be the brown one from Emy!

I'll be buying last year's winter hat too and these lace-up over-the-knee suede boots for the season. All I have are summer boots, the older fur winter ones I have needs to be... dug out from the depths of the laundry room and cleaned. Last time I held them up there was a bug/spider on it so I'm terrified, even though they still look new to use. I just threw it in the wrong spot. =_=

Really wanna buy these usagimimi ears from Liz Lisa too but the fees and shipping would make a piece of fabric cost crazy. Dx

I found this cute mirror at the Dollar Store (LOL), doesn't it look like Anna Sui's? =3 I have an urge to deco it... but usually deco-ing over black would look bad. Should I?

Ahhh not looking forward to working tomorrow... My whole body aches like hell.


  1. i totally love the Liz Lisa skirt and shorts!!! <3
    so wonderful!! <3
    i wish i could buy them too!! ;___;
    take care <3

  2. VERY cute stuff! that DOES look like an Anna Sui mirror! :P I was gonna say, you can decorate your mirror! haha. my friend got me one that was pre-decorated with ribbons, lace, diamonds and a teddy bear!

    Jennifer & Sherry

  3. @~*NeNe*~: You should buy some! The new Fall/Winter collection is beautiful~(Internet shopping is so addicting) XD

    @Jennifer and Sherry: Thank you!! Doesn't it? And only for a dollar lol. XD
    Thank you for the motivation~ I wasn't sure if I should deco it or not because the last time I tried with black items like these (using Swarovski crystals), it didn't look that great.