Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Fall/Winter Mix Coordinations~

Here's 6 co-ordinations with the current Fall/Winter clothes I have. I have some others but they're either too basic (like a top and skirt/pants with not many matching accessories) or too flowery so it's quite Spring/Summer-ish. I can still wear it but it doesn't fit this season's theme. XD I'm trying to get more stuff with brown/gray shades or fur. And a vest! To wear with my tops or dresses, I think that would make it more warm-looking.

Only wore pretty much the same clothes but mix-matched with different styles. Please let me know which one is your favorite! Feedback is very much accepted! =D Please excuse my face too lol. It's late at night and I just wanted to show the clothes instead of a full hair/make over.


List of Items Used:
White Sweater - Liz Lisa
Brown Tank - Aeropostale
Boots - ALDO
Brown Skirt - Liz Lisa
Jean Shorts - Liz Lisa
Fur Poncho - Liz Lisa
Hat - Liz Lisa
Brown Purse - GUESS
White Fox Tail

Annnnd remember when I said I would stop shopping? LOL!! Just ordered ANOTHER pair of boots. XD My 3rd pair in the last 2 months. But I only got it because it's super cheap ($39), with no shipping/fees. I just gotta go down Vancouver to pick it up~ It's these ones:

They're really similar to last year's Liz Lisa collection that I've been searching ever since. These ones are so much more affordable so I got them. It's about 7.5cm high... But I think I might be able to handle it with extra padding and not walking too often. The heel isn't that thin like pin needles so it can't be too bad... For any girls out there that can walk in high heels quite perfectly for long periods of time, I'd love to hear how you do it! T_T I've practiced walking in them a lot, apparently not enough though~

So now I need some minor accessories. Major clothing items I still gotta buy is a vest, long coat and winter dress (which I'll get around Christmas). DreamV has been having a lot of new dresses that are Liz Lisa-styled coming out! Too bad the shopping service will make it so expensive... ^^;;


 I'd also like to THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 70 FOLLOWERS! I sincerely appreciate it! m(_ _)m

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Final Shopping & Liz Lisa Haul~

All right! All of my items have arrived this week! In other words, NO SHOPPING AT ALL until at least November-December when I need to start buying presents and thinking about getting a winter coat. I was going to get one now but... the recent amount in my bank account really freaked me out. XD Plus I need to buy my Arashi concert goods, so Japan fashion clothes will have to stop for awhile. =( They can always be purchased later but the good are only available now (at it's regular price).

These are the Liz Lisa shorts I bought, sadly they do not fit. XD;; I expected as much. Asian shorts will usually not fit me unless they're elastic or other material besides denim. Because I lost a lot of weight compared to before, I actually fit these quite snuggly around the thighs/hip bones... (it wouldn't even go past my thunder thighs before). But the fat around my tummy and hips prevent the button from closing. T_T It's only an INCH away! Well... at least now I know I'm not that far from going down to a size 0-2 pants~ Instead of selling them, I'll use it as motivation to reach my goal weight LOL!

This skirt I've been wanting to get since last year! Bought it from dearest Emy (again XD), because she was selling it so cheap! x3

And these came in yesterday! Shipping was so fast for them, I'm definitely purchasing from the seller again~ The hat is from last year's Liz Lisa Winter collection but I think the one I have is fake. There's no tag or anything, but it's ok. It's only a hat so there's nothing really hard to copy or differences between imitation. Plus it was only about $13. x) The top is from this year's Fall/Winter items; it seriously looks so pretty! *O* Especially the fur! (I dunno if it's just the season, but I'm really buying more fur/fluffy items than usual).
The brown tank top is from Aeropostale. I seriously went ALL over the mall at work today searching for a simple brown tank just to wear it underneath that sweater and there's literally no place other than this that sells them. =_= I'm going, "It's winter... where are all the brown shade clothes?" I went to the stores that typically have dirt cheap tanks (Garage, Ardenes, American Eagle, Bootlegger, Bluenotes etc.) and they all had the colors of the rainbow BUT dark brown. Or a light toffee color. I never knew it was so hard searching for an $8 top. XD

Well that's all my shopping for this season, not until maybe after Xmas-January will I be shopping again! Just watch me break this rule lol. 'Cause I still will most likely be going to New York early 2011. Might not buy that much over there so the money to save up for the trip won't be too hard.

I currently have a lot of co-ordinations going on in mind and can't wait to show everyone soon! =3

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fox Tail Item/Trend Has Arrived~

My very first fox tail arrived today~! Lots of items will be storming in this week I believe lol. I bought this after seeing the recent Popteen scans~(think it might look good on my LV bag too, from pictures of Hollywood celebrities). I bought mine off Ebay from damco, who I REALLY recommend! They're also situated in Canada so shipping was lightning fast. Apparently the items are genuine so I'm assuming it's real fur? Although it was quite cheap though! Mine came out to $18.95 + $6 shipping. They have the most affordable prices and none of the tails go over $30 unlike other sellers.

It's so unbelievably soft! It feels a lot like real fur, but if you squeeze closer to the center it seems fake/stuffed... But then again they would have to remove the tailbone and stuff it or that be kinda scary lol. My cat and dog apparently finds it amusing. They won't stop trying to jump on it~ Dx

Mine's the white one, but I'll definitely be back to buy that gray one I originally wanted. It costs more than this one and I thought I should buy a cheaper one as a "test" first to see if I'd like it. White is pretty much easy to match with clothes too ne? =) Now I wanna get even more. XD It would make a fun collection but all I just need is the gray and I'm set for the season! Can't wait till every other item arrives because I have so many co-ordinations in mind!

Once my mom sees this, she's probably going to freak. She'll be all like, "Why'd you waste money on that??" or say, "Ew..." Then call me a whore. *nods* "Holi tinh" I believe that's how you spell it in Vietnamese? (Huli jing in Chinese) We all know the folklore tales of white fox demons (typically 9-tailed) disguising themselves as beautiful women to seduce men. If you dunno, it's very popular in Japanese and Chinese culture. Especially Hong Kong dramas. XD The term is still used today in Vietnamese/Chinese profanity for calling someone a home wrecker LOL! < Japanese ver. < Chinese ver. Also explains about one of my fave famous Chinese novels that depicts foxes. "Daji" (Duc Yi in Vietnamese), is the cruel fox spirit. A tale about how a beauty can be the downfall of an empire. It teaches you more about values than a more romantic story like, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". Also similar to "Journey to the West".

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Liz Lisa Dress Arrived!

I was so looking forward to checking my afternoon mail today and discovered the dress that my friend (from the same fan-subbing team) ordered has arrived! Arisa does a small shopping service and because we worked together for awhile, she was generous enough to offer discounts and the lowest prices. X//D

This dress was sold out everywhere at the time and so I resulted to buying it from Shibuya 109's site~ Paid the original retail price which was about ¥6,195 + the Western Union fee to send money to her, so it came out about $90 CAD? Because this took so long to order and Arisa accidentally forgot about it, she kindly covered all fees/shipping so that was all I had to pay. T~T (I would've had to pay internal shipping, the provider in JP to her, then from her to me.) Way too nice!!

The best thing about using that site is that I'm assured it's real and you always get a free shopping/tote bag with it. XD (I really like collecting shopping bags or totes of my fave brands. Have so many from LV, GUESS, MA*RS etc.)

Arisa even included a cute little note and an Arashi flyer <333 It kinda got battered in the post though. Dx

In the 2nd picture, yes that is only ONE side of my closet LOL~ It's gradually getting too full to handle anymore stuff. I also have a bigger dresser outside in my room for more average > crappy clothes, pajamas, underwear and accessories... That's also overflowing. X_x

Quickly put the whole set together that I originally planned to buy. It was inspired by the Liz Lisa staff pictures.

Can't wait till next week when more items come in! >3< About 5 more to go!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spending More Money Down Richmond Today~!

My day off from work today and mom came home early so we went down to Richmond to shop! I went cheap shopping. XD Basically got necessities and accessories that I've been wanting. The expensive items were covered by my mom except for the new winter boots. T^T I was going to say it made a dent in my bank account but... because it was only $100, that's like my first paycheck so it's not so bad. XD
ps. Hilarious story put short but... I accidentally shredded that first paycheck too, LOL!

It's about time I remembered to buy hair scrunchies! The pompon ones from Daiso, and got some socks there too~ Normal ones and thigh-highs. Richmond stores in Parker Mall FINALLY got usagi-mimi headbands in. I went last month with Emy and Annii and couldn't spot any at all. The first store I went into sold them for like $28 each because they're branded. >_<;; They looked nicer, but were really rounded. I wanted the more pointy tip so I got both these 2 for only $10 at the store few doors down. XD My mom bought Juicy Couture sandals there too for $29. That's so cheap! I love that store, even though it has real and fake items mixed together. The accessories and other items are more affordable though.

Decided to try out BB Cream for the first time, bought at the new Magic Queen store in Aberdeen Mall. I chose the Oriental Beauty one from Eki's recommendation. It was like $50 with tax but mother covered that. XD That's actually not a bad price for BB Cream here... When you but it online it's already about $30 + shipping ne? (Depending on the cream).

These boots... <333 I was going to buy over-the-knee boots off Ebay but I couldn't resist these suede ones! ALDO always has gorgeous boots (and this time I remembered to buy flat ones so I can actually WEAR them) XD. They're originally thigh-high boots but can be rolled down to over or just under the knee. My mom freaked out because it was too high LOL! She was like, "You look like a hooker!" So I rolled them down, "Is this better then?" "..." =P When they're high up, it really should be worn with micro skirts or short shorts.

I started wearing the headbands halfway through shopping~! Here's my outfit and lots of camera-whoring. x3 (I apologize haha)

That's all for now! I'm still waiting on all my online purchases which should be coming in next week! Other than that, I don't think I'll be shopping till November-Xmas. I don't even wanna take out and use my bank card anymore. Dx