Friday, August 27, 2010

Starting a Blogger ~ First Post!

Decided to start another blog, though this one is a lot similar to LiveJournal. But for my LJ it's more contained of work/fandom entries than everyday life. My personal posts are completely pointless there. XD And my Ameblo blog, only certain people know about it and comment since it's a Japanese site. Quite hard and confusing to get around for readers. So here I am lol~ This blog will hopefully be quite active and mainly filled with gyaru/age-jo-related stuff. I hope you'll enjoy it! (And the layout! Spent all day making it.) ^^;;

I cannot wait until the Liz Lisa dress I ordered comes in. It's this one:

I've been browing through their pictures (even though that's really bad for me) and I really want to buy these items too!

The first 2 dresses are somewhat really simple and I usually don't go for that... But when I look at it again it's really cute. The designs and flowy sleeves are nice so it's not TOO plain. Like a $10 item you can get at Urban Planet or something. XD The 3rd dress worn by Kumiko, I have the top version of it so getting the dress would be kinda pointless... It's still adorable though lol. Probably not for sale anymore 'cause it's from the early Winter/Spring months. Summer is almost over anyways so I gotta focus on getting back into the Winter collections. >_o

Well I'll end this entry here. It's 1am and I'm glued to the net doing fansubbing stuff. Dx This Saturday I gotta call in to do my test and get a job! God knows I need the money. >.<


  1. Your blog is so cute! I look forward to frequent updates! xx

  2. Thank you for following and reading! <3 =3