Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting Ready For Winter!

Back with another post! Since it's still technically August 30th over here where I am... I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MATSUJUN! Stay pretty lol. I'm glad I got baited by you into Arashi. XD
I'm thinking about getting a new coat for the upcoming season (although it's still humid here). Can somebody help me decide on the following items? =3 Tralala definitely has adorable jackets!

I like the pink version of this one. With the heart pockets, fur and lace. It's very Lolita-like. The thing is I'm not sure if this pink will suit my skin tone... I've had bad experiences with pink clothing in the past. Light to baby pink is good... and sometimes hot DARK pink, but the more nude color is horrible. Dx Then again I did get paler than before so maybe it'll work this time?

For these 2 I just couldn't decide on the color. It really looks more sophisticated compared to the above one. Especially the black. (almost similar to MA*RS) The gray looks cute too and has a more "lightish" feel but I do already have a gray trench coat.

Besides that, I've been thinking of whether to participate in next years Anime Evolution or not... It's an anime convention and many of my friends keep telling me to go. I dunno what to cosplay as though... ^^;; I want to try Lolita but it'll be a bit expensive just for a one time thing.

I totally want to buy that. (LOVE LOVE the color aquamarine. It was my prom dress's color!) <3 I even pictured everything that goes with it lol. Maybe, we'll see... =) It'll be my first time there and I don't want to be so awkward. ^^;;


  1. OMG KATHY!!! the 2nd jacket is so cute!! (black one)

    looks so MA*RS style i love it *o*
    omggg~~~ kathy could i request a layout from u sometime???? TOO CUTE OF A LAYOUTTTTTTTT

  2. i love the black one more :)
    where is it from actually?? xD

    canihasit @ :D