Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ageha Look~

I was basically just fooling around last night cause I was bored and put together this outfit. XD

Please excuse my face lol. I didn't have make-up on at the time. The outfit kinda works as everyday wear to clubbing, right? I hate how my mom and the general public looks at me otherwise. =_= Thinking, "Why the heck is she wearing that stuff in broad daylight?" When it's meant for nightwear or in the bedroom. Thus making it almost impossible to wear Ageha-type clothes (I don't go out at night very often either). Dx The top is Liz Lisa; I bought it last year and till now, never really wore it. =/ Probably because I was fat lol. Now I feel more confident after losing so much weight! I finally invested in a BELT! My first one in a long time and it's Western-looking. ^^ I wanna get those GUESS chain belts but they're like $50...

This the LL jacket that I recently bought! (For those who don't read my Ameblo). XD

Has anyone checked out the Liz Lisa website yet? They updated for the Fall/Winter Collection! =D There's an English and Chinese translation version now~

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the online brochure with Lena Fuji as the main model again. Also the top Yui-chan is wearing is super cute! I really wanna buy it once it's released. ;_; AND the boots!! But those heels look pretty high so I won't be able to get them. It'll just be sitting there in the corner because I can't wear heels that are over 6cm (at least not for a long period of time). Dx I love those knee/thigh-high fur boots though... I just gotta worry more about getting a job.

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