Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting Ready For Winter!

Back with another post! Since it's still technically August 30th over here where I am... I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MATSUJUN! Stay pretty lol. I'm glad I got baited by you into Arashi. XD
I'm thinking about getting a new coat for the upcoming season (although it's still humid here). Can somebody help me decide on the following items? =3 Tralala definitely has adorable jackets!

I like the pink version of this one. With the heart pockets, fur and lace. It's very Lolita-like. The thing is I'm not sure if this pink will suit my skin tone... I've had bad experiences with pink clothing in the past. Light to baby pink is good... and sometimes hot DARK pink, but the more nude color is horrible. Dx Then again I did get paler than before so maybe it'll work this time?

For these 2 I just couldn't decide on the color. It really looks more sophisticated compared to the above one. Especially the black. (almost similar to MA*RS) The gray looks cute too and has a more "lightish" feel but I do already have a gray trench coat.

Besides that, I've been thinking of whether to participate in next years Anime Evolution or not... It's an anime convention and many of my friends keep telling me to go. I dunno what to cosplay as though... ^^;; I want to try Lolita but it'll be a bit expensive just for a one time thing.

I totally want to buy that. (LOVE LOVE the color aquamarine. It was my prom dress's color!) <3 I even pictured everything that goes with it lol. Maybe, we'll see... =) It'll be my first time there and I don't want to be so awkward. ^^;;

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ageha Look~

I was basically just fooling around last night cause I was bored and put together this outfit. XD

Please excuse my face lol. I didn't have make-up on at the time. The outfit kinda works as everyday wear to clubbing, right? I hate how my mom and the general public looks at me otherwise. =_= Thinking, "Why the heck is she wearing that stuff in broad daylight?" When it's meant for nightwear or in the bedroom. Thus making it almost impossible to wear Ageha-type clothes (I don't go out at night very often either). Dx The top is Liz Lisa; I bought it last year and till now, never really wore it. =/ Probably because I was fat lol. Now I feel more confident after losing so much weight! I finally invested in a BELT! My first one in a long time and it's Western-looking. ^^ I wanna get those GUESS chain belts but they're like $50...

This the LL jacket that I recently bought! (For those who don't read my Ameblo). XD

Has anyone checked out the Liz Lisa website yet? They updated for the Fall/Winter Collection! =D There's an English and Chinese translation version now~

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the online brochure with Lena Fuji as the main model again. Also the top Yui-chan is wearing is super cute! I really wanna buy it once it's released. ;_; AND the boots!! But those heels look pretty high so I won't be able to get them. It'll just be sitting there in the corner because I can't wear heels that are over 6cm (at least not for a long period of time). Dx I love those knee/thigh-high fur boots though... I just gotta worry more about getting a job.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Starting a Blogger ~ First Post!

Decided to start another blog, though this one is a lot similar to LiveJournal. But for my LJ it's more contained of work/fandom entries than everyday life. My personal posts are completely pointless there. XD And my Ameblo blog, only certain people know about it and comment since it's a Japanese site. Quite hard and confusing to get around for readers. So here I am lol~ This blog will hopefully be quite active and mainly filled with gyaru/age-jo-related stuff. I hope you'll enjoy it! (And the layout! Spent all day making it.) ^^;;

I cannot wait until the Liz Lisa dress I ordered comes in. It's this one:

I've been browing through their pictures (even though that's really bad for me) and I really want to buy these items too!

The first 2 dresses are somewhat really simple and I usually don't go for that... But when I look at it again it's really cute. The designs and flowy sleeves are nice so it's not TOO plain. Like a $10 item you can get at Urban Planet or something. XD The 3rd dress worn by Kumiko, I have the top version of it so getting the dress would be kinda pointless... It's still adorable though lol. Probably not for sale anymore 'cause it's from the early Winter/Spring months. Summer is almost over anyways so I gotta focus on getting back into the Winter collections. >_o

Well I'll end this entry here. It's 1am and I'm glued to the net doing fansubbing stuff. Dx This Saturday I gotta call in to do my test and get a job! God knows I need the money. >.<